B-Line Rebrand - Hypothetical Case Study

By Vanessa Wolfe on March 20, 2018

Butte County is a beautiful place to live and work. The parks, the lakes, rivers, the friendly people and the small town feel all create a very vibrant community. For a long time now I have wanted to translate my passion for this area by revamping the local bus transit systems brand. Not only would this purposed rebrand beautify our area but it could potentially attract new riders in a society where gas prices are continuing to rise and public transportation is becoming more of a necessity.

Current Logo

The B-Line transit system was created in 2005 when three bus systems merged into one connecting Chico, Oroville and Paradise. Although the existing B-Line logo (above) has served its purpose and is very recognizable, it feels a bit dated and does not reflect our current communities vibrancy. As a creative, I see an opportunity to enhance the value of B-Line’s brand, as well as connecting the brand with the communities charm and spirit.

If I were to place myself as creative director over this project, I would approach it in two ways:

  1. By adapting the current logo
  2. By creating a brand new design

This would allow the logo to be showcased across multi-branded materials and contexts.

Concept 1: Adaptation

This idea stays the closest to the original logo and is a safe evolution. By using the same elements & colors it would be an easier transition than a brand new approach. Here I have integrated several fluid lines indicating movement and reminiscent of the hills in their current logo. The lines also symbolize the various waterways present in our area. Overall keeping the same brand intact while creating some minor modernizations that better connect with all that our community has to offer.

Concept 2: Bold Departure

For the second option, I departed from their existing look to create a more bold departure. The slanted letterforms and integration of the line going through the typography create the sense of moving forward and connection. The “B” in the circle can be used as a secondary mark across multiple marketing pieces like signage and wearables. The overall look is much more current and connected to today’s culture.

Every brand should be revisited from time to time because markets are always evolving. Repositioning will help you stay fresh, visually current and connected with your customers.


The overall importance of a strong transit system brand has big impacts on an area; customer loyalty, market share, revenue, improved employee satisfaction, retention of employees, and developmental opportunities. An attractive and compelling brand can also help to attract new economic development. Undertaking a rebrand is a big project and does require the proper approach, research and brand goals to get it right. Our quick brand experiment may or may not hit the mark, but demonstrates the power of a strong visual brand.

Vanessa Wolfe
Vanessa Wolfe
Vanessa is an Art Director with 13 years of experience in Graphic Design and 2 years of experience in managerial creative positions. Assists in the management of campaigns and leads the visual style for our clients. She loves to make awesome stuff…from brand identity to publications to packaging!

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