Seasoned HubSpot Experts

Our team of HubSpot experts will help you fully leverage the platform to meet your unique needs and solve operational inefficiencies. Whether that’s training, an audit of your current portal or monthly support, we’re ready to jump in.


HubSpot Should Work as Hard as Your Team

Whether you're new to HubSpot or have been around for awhile, we approach each engagement the same way.

Define Your Goals

HubSpot should work with your other tools to meet key business objectives. So the first thing we do is meet with you to set goals for the platform.

Build Your System

Our team implements all the systems you need within HubSpot to create a successful revenue-driving machine.

Empower Your Team

You get the most out of HubSpot when your team understands how it supports them. We show your team the value of HubSpot and help them integrate it into their day-to-day processes.

Calibrate HubSpot for Your Team

Data + Integration + Segmentation + Automation

Data + Integration + Segmentation + Automation

Most companies that use HubSpot underutilize the platform. Their data is dirty, they don't use automations to increase efficiency and they miss out on leads that are already engaging with them.

Our HubSpot Calibration service uses a proven approach to customize and optimize HubSpot for your team. It focuses on four crucial areas to clean up your portal and get it operating efficiently in the quickest way possible. 

Stabilize Your Data

Incomplete records, invalid email addresses and duplicate properties are just a few of the issues we see with databases. If your data is dirty, you can't rely on it to optimize any other piece of your marketing.

Our first step is to evaluate and clean your data. We'll identify contacts that should be removed from your database, address incomplete records and create a process for keeping your data organized going forward. 

LFC_HubSpot Support Services_Stabilize Your Data@2x-1
Integrate Your Tech Stack

Integrate Your Tech Stack

Sales CRMs, accounting software and intelligence platforms are just a few applications involved in running a business. The problem is that these applications don't usually talk to each other, which leaves teams with only a fraction of the data available. 

We integrate your applications with HubSpot which enables end-to-end reporting and allows teams to leverage the full power of your data.

Strategize Your Segmentation

Research continues to show that the more personalized your marketing, the more effective it is at engaging your audience. Segmentation enables more personalized marketing and helps teams focus their effort on the leads most likely to convert. 

We'll evaluate your data and goals and develop a segmentation strategy that you can implement right away.

Strategize Your Segmentation
Build a System of Automation

Build a System of Automations

Automating critical tasks frees up time for your team to deliver highly personalized 1:1 service to prospects and customers and reduces the chance for errors and inaccuracies. 

We'll evaluate your team's current processes and create a plan for building an automated system that drives efficiency, accuracy and better prospect and customer interaction. 

How We Support You

We start by understanding where you are now and where you want to be. Then we create an onboarding plan to accomplish those goals and build the foundational elements of your new system.

  • Dedicated HubSpot Strategist
  • Portal Setup
  • Customized Training
  • Foundational Implementation

We audit your existing HubSpot portal and identify critical issues holding you back from fully leveraging the platform. Our team delivers a prioritized plan for correcting these issues and making improvements based on your goals.

  • Dedicated HubSpot Strategist
  • Strategic Recommendations

Whether you need help planning how to use your HubSpot portal or implementing new initiatives, we work with your team on an hourly basis to implement new systems and solve for unique challenges within HubSpot.

  • Portal Strategy
  • Automation Implementation
  • Data Cleanup
  • CMS Development

We enhance your HubSpot portal with powerful marketing tech.

A Client's Point of View

Lone Fir Creative is a like the tour guide that doesn’t just take you to the well-known sights but includes detours to the little know spots they know you’ll love. They listen to our needs and propose solutions that address those needs as well as underlying issues we could not see for ourselves. Yet, I have never felt like they were creating phantom problems or unnecessary work. It means a lot that they do what they say they are going to do in the agreed upon timeframe and for the agreed upon price. I have stopped being surprised by the level and impact of their support. Without hesitation, I would recommend the Lone Fir Creative team to any organization that is languishing in CRM hell because they lack the knowledge and experience to effectively implement and integrate HubSpot into their business operations.
Certell Mike Lindell Headshot
Mike Lindell
Working with Lone Fir has been a fantastic experience. They quickly understood our unconventional use of HubSpot and were able to suggest and develop solutions that increased our team’s capacity and helped achieve our marketing goals. They’re knowledgeable, deliver on budget, and are a pleasure to work with – everything you could ask for in an agency.
Kären Engelbrecht

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Training + Setup

  • Portal Setup
  • Reporting Dashboards
  • Automations
  • Sales Pipeline
  • 6 Customized Training Sessions
  • Email Support
HubSpot Audit

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Audit + Custom Plan

Health Check
  • Data Evaluation
  • Key Feature Utilization
  • Critical Issues List
  • SEO Review
  • HubSpot Portal Optimization Plan
  • Integration Review
Hourly Support

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Package of 10 hours

  • Email Support
  • 1:1 Training
  • API Integrations
  • Website Updates
  • Troubleshooting

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