We help B2B companies grow their brand through the power of HubSpot.

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Our Approach

Most HubSpot agencies are set up to help with technical work, but they don’t help create clarity in your message or give your marketing focus, so your team continues to move in different directions and your marketing remains confusing and inefficient.

We help you clarify your message to tell a powerful story through your website and inbound marketing tactics — all on HubSpot.

Services to Grow Your Brand

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Sales and marketing get a whole lot easier when everyone knows what your company does better than anyone else. We help you figure out what that is.

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Once your message is clear, you need to share it with your prospects; that starts with your website.

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Inbound Marketing

Increasing leads and growing your brand is dependent on meeting your prospects where they’re at and showing how you can help them. We help you grow your digital presence in a way that builds trust with customers early and helps develop long-term relationships.

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HubSpot Support

HubSpot is one of the most robust sales and marketing platforms on the market, so it can be hard to manage and leverage all the value it offers. As experts in HubSpot, we’ll make sure you get the most out of it.

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HubSpot Platinum Partners

We work in HubSpot every day to solve challenges and improve marketing for B2B companies. Our team stays ahead of the curve of what’s possible in the platform, to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

A Client's Point of View

I'm so grateful to the Lone Fir Creative team! Now that we're live with the new site, it's performing better, people are complimenting us and more importantly, it's driving real business value. The Lone Fir Team is talented, they're actually fun and they'll get you to a great place where you'll be proud of what you're doing online.
Todd Earwood
Integrate IQ
Working with Lone Fir has been a fantastic experience. They quickly understood our unconventional use of HubSpot and were able to suggest and develop solutions that increased our team’s capacity and helped achieve our marketing goals. They’re knowledgeable, deliver on budget, and are a pleasure to work with – everything you could ask for in an agency.
Kären Engelbrecht
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The most important thing for us was finding someone who took the time to understand our business and how it should be marketed —graphically, copy, and most importantly, the story. Without making us feel like we didn't understand our own business, this team walked us through the correct way to build a narrative and brand. The experience was far more personal than I would have guessed. As corny as it sounds, they seeks to understand the soul of a company before trying to promote them.
Will Seel
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We really enjoyed working with the Lone Fir Creative team. The team was helpful, friendly, cooperative, and communicative throughout the whole process. We are very happy with the final product and the experience of working with LFC.
Rebecca A.
Twincraft Skincare
They listen to our needs and propose solutions that address those needs as well as underlying issues we could not see for ourselves. Yet, I have never felt like they were creating phantom problems or unnecessary work. It means a lot that they do what they say they are going to do in the agreed upon timeframe and for the agreed upon price. I have stopped being surprised by the level and impact of their support. Without hesitation, I would recommend the Lone Fir Creative team to any organization that is languishing in CRM hell because they lack the knowledge and experience to effectively implement and integrate HubSpot into their business operations.
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Mike Lindell
Lone Fir Creative coupled the Storybrand method with growth driven design and HubSpot's platform to completely overhaul our website and update our branding. Our new site has earned great feedback from prospects, clients, and other marketing professionals. We consider Lonefir a long-term, strategic partner. They provide expert guidance in everything related to HubSpot, inbound marketing, and strategic content creation. We have learned a lot from the them and our marketing efforts are more informed and effective with their guidance. An added bonus - they are great people and really fun to work with!
Anne Brown

We Built the Agency We’d Want to Work With

Designed for B2B

B2B companies have unique challenges and patterns that distinguish them from B2C businesses. We’ve designed our services and team around the specific needs of technology and service-based B2B companies.

Clear Communication

You’ll never have to wonder what we do for you or how we do it. We communicate every element of a project with you in advance — expectations, deliverables, timelines and processes.

People + Values

We base our work on what we believe to be the most important aspects of life and business — putting people first, being ambitious, having humility, taking ownership, building trust, and having fun!

Ready to Go?

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