Methodical Marketing for Brands with Ambitious Goals

Marketing that stimulates business requires both strategy and muscle; otherwise — it’s just noise.

Lone Fir Creative is a digital marketing agency that gives structure to your vision and has the means to make it happen.

Be a Bigger Brand; Be a Better Business

Being a brand means having a point of view. Being a successful business means finding and attracting the people that have a similar point of view.

We help you do both to make your company stronger.

Have a Plan of Action

You have a vision for your brand. We give that vision tactical shape and become the hands that help you build it.

Take More Market Share

The customers you need to fuel more growth are out there. We help you win their business.

Build Brand Momentum

Stringing together years’ worth of success requires a lot of heavy lifting. We integrate side-by-side with your team to ensure your business is always taking ground.


Our Suite of Services

We offer a focused, yet comprehensive suite of services that provides everything necessary to create a stronger brand, attract more people and drive new business.

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Brand Development

Brand Identity
Buyer Journey
GTM Strategy
Pricing Strategy


Visual Brand Identity


Design + Development


Asset Development
Blog Content + Publication
Social Media Strategy
Sales Funnel
Email Marketing

HubSpot Support

Tech Stack Audit
HubSpot Training
HubSpot Database Clean + Migration
HubSpot Onboarding

HubSpot Integrations

Custom Integrations
Automated Workflows

A Client’s Point of View

I'm so grateful to the Lone Fir Creative team! Now that we're live with the new site, it's performing better, people are complimenting us and more importantly, it's driving real business value. The Lone Fir Team is talented, they're actually fun and they'll get you to a great place where you'll be proud of what you're doing online.
Todd Earwood
Founder + CEO
We knew we needed expert advice on marketing. We also knew we didn't know enough to know what to ask for help with. The most important thing for us was finding someone who took the time to understand our business and how it should be marketed —graphically, copy, and most importantly, the story. Without making us feel like we didn't understand our own business, this team walked us through the correct way to build a narrative and brand. The experience was far more personal than I would have guessed. As corny as it sounds, they seeks to understand the soul of a company before trying to promote them.
Sean Morgan | Business Development / Partner
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Before working with this team on our website and branding, I was embarrassed by our digital presence. I often avoided showing prospective clients our website, and I knew our site was working against us, rather than for us. Now that we are finished with our rebranding and our new website is launched, I feel more confident showing our website to prospective clients knowing that it will do its job in helping grow our company.
Jeff Hadley | General Manager
Hadley General Contractors
hadley logo
We've been struggling to get our entire team on the same page with our message. They took us through a process that challenged our way of thinking about what we say and how to connect with our members. I wish we would have done this years ago!
Scott Schimke | Risk Manager and Executive Director
Golden State Risk Management Authority

We Created the Agency We’d Want to Work With

Marketing is marketing is marketing. Notable success with an agency is determined by how well you work together. It’s why we value integrated partnerships over one-off projects.

Crystal Clear Path to Success

You’ll never have to wonder what we do for you or how we do it. We communicate every element of a project with you in advance — from expectations and deliverables to timelines and processes.

Direct Line to Experts

You can freely express your thoughts, questions and concerns directly to the individuals working on your projects. If you have a question about how something looks, you can ask our designers. Copy question? Our copywriter will be happy to field it. This way, nothing gets lost in translation.

Year-Over-Year Dedication

A brand isn’t built overnight, and it takes more than one campaign to earn trust from your customers. From day one, we have your long-term vision in mind — and we plan on helping you accomplish it.

Become Irreplaceable

Your business is either a replaceable commodity or an irreplaceable brand. The one you become is determined by your marketing — and we can help with that.