People using the internet to drive revenue for brands

Above the shoulders, Lone Fir Creative is a team of business-minded creatives that understand marketing as a means to an end, that end being hunting down ambitious revenue targets and making brands bigger.

Below the shoulders, we’re a bunch of multipotentialites — Google it.



More, now than ever, values matter.

Exceptional Through Ownership

We care deeply about what our clients are championing forward as if it was our own. We strive to fulfill our core belief of providing exceptional value through superior work.

Trust Built Through Authenticity

Our care for our clients earns trust, which allows them to feel confident in our approach. Likewise, we trust our clients’ decision-making and direction.

Hungry to Achieve, Humble to Learn

We approach every project with an ambition to win and exceed expectations. Yet, we remain teachable and eager to learn from our clients. The ‘traditional way’ doesn’t cut it for us — we try new things to be the best we can be.



Some of us write. Some of us design. Some of us strategize.
All of us make the things you want to happen, happen.

Tyler Pigott

Founder & CEO

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Jessica Crosby

Director of Operations

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Amanda Sleger

Director of Sales & Marketing

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Kate Cygan

Director of Client Services

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Jessie-Lee Nichols

Creative Director

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Frank Rocchio

Brand Strategist

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Ashlee Rolkowski

Director of Lone Fir Marketing

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Alison DeLeo

Marketing Consultant

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Gray Gill

Copywriter & Content Specialist

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Zach Morris

Graphic Designer

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Chris Grimmett

Inbound Marketing Specialist

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Victoria Thornton

Website Project Manager

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Callie Quinlan

Marketing Consultant

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Linda Quezada

Marketing Consultant

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Shelby Arnett

Senior UX/UI Designer

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Krista Grenier

Inbound Marketing Specialist

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The Work Is A Given

Make It Easy

Good Enough Never Is

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We look for people who want to help us build something bigger than
ourselves and have the skills to do it.

If that’s you, explore our current openings. Don’t see a role that fits? Feel free to tell us how you could make us a
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Make More Things Happen

If you are a brand looking to improve your brand awareness, create predictable revenue streams, expand profit, etc. — we’ll do it. Get in touch.