We make the complex, simple

The one size fits all digital marketing strategies you’ve tried haven’t worked. At Lone Fir Creative, we pinpoint your unique challenge and work with you to get the growth result you’ve been working toward.


Results First

We are results focused, and committed to helping you on your business growth journey.


Customer Service

We will make you feel part of the family. We are customer service driven and will go the extra mile for our partners.


Tailored Solution

Solving challenges creatively no one fit solution. Your solution will be tailor-made for you.

All Work, All Play


About Lone Fir Creative

We started in early 2015 as an approachable team of passionate business growth experts. 

We believe we can add significant value by bringing a fresh, creative and technology-driven approach to assisting businesses with achieving their growth potential.

We exist to break the mold of the way marketing and sales are done, into tailor-made solutions for each business.

We have developed the mindset that we can never take our eye off our clients’ goals. For happy, long term client partnerships, we need to ensure we are all facing the same direction, and moving towards their ultimate growth goals.

Our Values

  • A Company of Excellence.

    We only create superior work. Anything less undermines our core belief of providing exceptional value.

  • Mutual Trust.

    Our clients trust us, which allows them to feel confident in our approach. Likewise, we trust our clients’ decision-making and direction.

  • Hungry to Achieve. Humble to Learn.

    We approach every project with an ambition to win and exceed expectations. Yet, we remain teachable and eager to learn from our clients.

  • Stay on the Edge.

    We try new things to be the best we can be and aren’t satisfied with how it’s traditionally been done.

  • A Company of Take Ownership.

    We own the vision that business owners have for their companies. We care deeply about what we are helping grow and push forward as if it was our own. We only create superior work. Anything less undermines our core belief of providing exceptional value. 

  • Authentic and Genuine.

    We care for each other, as a family should. Our roots go deeper than just 9 - 5.

Team June 2020-c

Through the years we've helped a lot of companies. Let’s build your business together.

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Meet the Team

Tyler Pigott
Principal & Chief Growth Officer
Jessica D'Amato
Director of Operations
Jessie-Lee Nichols
Creative Director
Ashlee Rolkowski
Marketing Consultant
Cameron Beck
Marketing Technologist
Frank Rocchio
Director of Content
Stephen Karpeles
Web Developer
Alison DeLeo
Marketing Consultant
Gray Gill
Copywriter & Content Specialist
Zach Morris
Graphic Designer
Amanda Sleger
Business Development Manager
Chris Grimmett
Inbound Marketing Specialist
Kate Fodera
Senior Marketing Consultant

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