We are people using the internet to drive revenue for brands.

Lone Fir Creative is a team of business-minded creatives that understand marketing as a means to an end — hitting ambitious revenue targets and growing brands.


More, now than ever, values matter.

Hungry to Achieve, Humble to Learn

We approach every engagement with an ambition to win and exceed expectations. Yet, we remain teachable and eager to learn from our clients.

Exceptional Through Ownership

We own the vision that businesses have for their companies. We care deeply about what they are championing forward as if it was our own. We strive to fulfill our core belief of providing exceptional value through superior work.

Trust Built Through Authenticity and Integrity

We tell the truth — no matter what — which enables a deeper trust with our clients, allowing them to feel confident in our approach and our work. And, the care we have for our team and each other is what drives this forward.

We're a Solid 9 / 10

We like to know we’re meeting expectations, so we regularly ask our clients to rate us on a scale of 1 to 10. Last year we averaged 9.38. Here’s what some of our clients said about working with us:

I’d partnered with Lone Fir Creative on branding and marketing initiatives for a prior venture that went on to get acquired. So, in the early stages of pursuing a new SaaS venture, we turned to them for brand building and go-to-market strategy. We needed naming, positioning, buyer journey, messaging, design and a new website, as well as the ongoing marketing tactics necessary to grow the brand. We’ve found Lone Fir to be a strategic partner that proactively guides us on the best paths to grow our brand and hit our goals.
chris lee headshot
Chris Lee
Crew Cost
Lone Fir Creative is a true marketing force, with deeply talented and caring professionals. Their team has expertise in marketing elements ranging from mission and value propositions to ascertaining target clients to brand scripting to website development. They were each and all critically important in the development of a powerful multi-prong marketing campaign foundation. I am very grateful to Lone Fir for taking the time to listen to my concerns, understand my hopes, hold my hand, and take action on the promotion of my business.
ken streater headshot
Ken Streater
I'm so grateful to the Lone Fir Creative team! Now that we're live with the new site, it's performing better, people are complimenting us and more importantly, it's driving real business value. The Lone Fir Team is talented, they're actually fun and they'll get you to a great place where you'll be proud of what you're doing online.
Todd Earwood
Integrate IQ
Lone Fir combined their StoryBrand experience and HubSpot expertise to deliver a new website that our entire company was excited about. We’ve worked with other agencies and our favorite thing about Lone Fir is how transparent and responsive they’ve been throughout the partnership. And, they’ve just been a fun group to work with overall. We’d recommend Lone Fir to any company looking for a skilled and friendly agency to plan and execute their marketing strategy.
Will Seel

Make More Things Happen

If you're a business looking to improve your brand awareness, build sales funnels, expand profit, etc. — we’ll do it. Get in touch.