More now than ever, values matter.


Exceptional Through Ownership

We care deeply about what our clients are championing forward as if it were our own. We strive to fulfill our core belief of providing exceptional value through superior work. 


Trust Built Through Authenticity

Our care for our clients earns trust, which allows them to feel confident in our approach. Likewise, we trust our clients' decision-making and direction.


Hungry to Achieve, Humble to Learn

We approach every project with an ambition to win and exceed expectations. Yet, we remain teachable and eager to learn from our clients. The 'traditional way' doesn't cut it for us — we try new things to be best we can be.

Est. 2015

About Lone Fir Creative

From the start, we've been hyper focused on hiring super-talented humans to produce work that clients can be proud of. That's why we're 100% remote (and we always have been), because we get to curate talent from all over the U.S.

We're serious about the work we do, but we also love to laugh. Honestly, our Zoom meetings might be the best you've ever attended, or at least the most fun. 

We are in constant pursuit of excellence and we're obsessed with finding the smoothest way to do complicated things — if only to offer clients our absolute best. 

And seriously, nothing makes us happier than seeing the excitement on our clients' faces when we deliver our best work — it's what gets us out of bed in the morning (and there are many Slack chats celebrating these victories).

Meet the Team

Tyler Pigott
Principal & Chief Growth Officer
Jessica D'Amato
Director of Operations
Amanda Sleger
Director of Sales & Marketing
Kate Fodera
Director of Client Services
Jessie-Lee Nichols
Creative Director
Frank Rocchio
Director of Content
Ashlee Rolkowski
Director of Lone Fir Marketing
Cameron Beck
Inbound Marketing Specialist
Alison DeLeo
Marketing Consultant
Gray Gill
Copywriter & Content Specialist
Zach Morris
Graphic Designer
Chris Grimmett
Inbound Marketing Specialist
Victoria Thornton
Marketing Consultant
Sabrena Johnson
Marketing Consultant
Callie Quinlan
Marketing Consultant
Linda Quezada
Marketing Consultant

Make More Things Happen

If you are a brand looking to improve your brand awareness, create predictable revenue streams, expand profit, etc. — we'll do it. Get in touch.