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Concepts your competitors don’t think of, designs that get double-takes and a results-driven strategy that turns your website into a well-oiled selling machine.


Your Website Should Be Your Best Salesman.

Get the Right Leads

Not just any leads will do (plenty of companies can do that). We solidify your messaging first and foremost, so you have lead generating material that attracts the right customers for your business. 

Do Less, Sell More

If you want your website to help grow your business, it needs more than just good looks. Lone Fir Creative builds websites to compel customers to buy using results-driven structure, clear copy and captivating content.

Gain Control 

It’s your website, so you should have complete control. Lone Fir Creative equips you with the training you need to make changes on the fly to a website you understand how to use.

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Is Your Website Costing You Business?

Your website should be your best salesman. If it's not, something is wrong.
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Clear Messaging + Results Driven Strategy

Maybe you think it’s better to keep things low-cost and just build a website yourself.

It’s totally possible with platforms like Wix, Squarespace and Shopify. And with enough time and effort, you could probably put together something that looks really nice. 

Or maybe you just want to do the bare minimum with a designer and developer to get a fresh site with all the bells and whistles.

That’ll solve all your marketing problems, right? Maybe, if your only problem is not having a pretty site with fancy features. But that’s never the problem. 

Yes, you could take those routes.

And it might make you feel like you’ve got things under control, for a while at least. But sooner (and we do mean sooner), rather than later, you’ll realize you’re back where you started:

  • All the wrong leads.

  • Not getting results.

  • Frustrated. Annoyed. Confused.

Don’t go through that again.

With clear messaging and a results-driven strategy, we’ll create a website for you that’s built to sell, so you get the right leads and hit your goals. Finally.


How We Do It


The Process


Understanding who you are as a company and how you present yourself to customers is mandatory for building a successful website. We start all website projects with a messaging workshop that not only helps us understand where you want to go, but assures you have a crisp, clear and compelling story to tell your customers.


You need a site that is structured to drive the growth results you’ve been looking for. We believe that starts with the right foundation. Enter our Website Blueprint. This is where all of the research and strategy take place — from a content audit and competitor analysis to site mapping and user flows. We’ll analyze where you are, where you want to go and precisely what you’ll need to get there.


Words are the most common form of communication but can be the hardest to get right. Use the right words, and your customers quickly understand how you solve their problem and trust you as their guide to a better life, i.e., you’ll sell more. Use the wrong ones, and you’ll just have a brand new website to stare at as you lose money.


You thought we didn’t care about design? On the contrary. Design is where messaging and strategy crescendo into a look and feel that separates your site from competitors. It’s the silver platter that delivers it all — and you better believe we make it look real good.


Your site comes to life. Our development team turns your vision into a fully functional, high-performance website. Your original content is migrated and any new content is updated, all browser and responsiveness testing are thoroughly completed, and user flows go live.


Together, we’ve built a site with purpose that’s designed to grow your business. There’s only one thing left to do — launch it. Following the official launch date, our team is on close stand by to ensure all systems work smoothly and will check-in after 30 days for comparative analysis.

What's Included


You deserve a thorough and complete redesign experience.

That’s why the following items come standard with every website we create.

  • Basic Integrations

    Transferring all your tools from your old site is a critical step to ensure your sales don’t skip a beat. From key marketing tools like Google Analytics and Lucky Orange to your preferred logistics for shipping and payments, we’ll make it seamless to run your business on your new site.

  • Mobile-Friendly + Responsive Layout

    With mobile web browsing outranking desktop searches since 2015 (and no signs of going back anytime soon), it’s more critical than ever for your website to look just as good on the latest and greatest smartphones as it does on traditional computer screens. We assure your site can stretch and weave to sit perfectly on any screen to create a seamless user experience on any device.

  • Cross-Browser + Device Tested

    From Google Chrome and Safari to Firefox and Internet Explorer, your new site will come tested and ready for any major browser. Worried about different operating systems like Mac or Microsoft? It’s ready for both. And for all those iPhone rebellions using Androids or other devices, your website will function for them just as beautifully.

  • Redirects

    You’ll never have to fear that someone is hanging out on your old website. Our team transfers all your links to your new site so you can have peace of mind that customers are automatically redirected if they happen to visit a link from your original site.

  • Crystal Clear Brand Message

    Your website, not to mention your business, will struggle if you cannot efficiently tell your customers how you make their life better. Of course, we solve that problem by crafting you a brand message that makes it easy for you to communicate who you are, what you do and why it matters.

  • Compelling Copy

    Think about your website redesign as a brand new house. It needs furniture to make it a home. Equally, your new website pages need copy to perform well. So with each page we develop, you can expect some fresh digital ink — penned to sell.

  • New Website Training

    We believe you deserve to know how to manage your own website. Following the launch of your site, our team will train you on how to make changes when you want and manage all of your backend operations. After all, it is your site, shouldn’t you have total control over it?

  • Dedicated Point of Contact + Team of Experts

    When you have any questions about your website project, you only have one person’s email to remember — your dedicated Project Manager. As the captain guiding your ship, they’ll get you answers to all of your questions. Make no mistake about it though, you’ll interact with the experts behind the scenes — from Copywriter to Creative Director.

Standard Options

The Extras

Whether you’re building your brand from the ground up or are a veteran in your industry — we offer the fabric you’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition.

Additional Copy

After we create your new website templates, we’ll show you how to create more pages on your own as you need. But they are still going to need compelling copy. Let us handle the wordsmithing, so you can take care of running your business.

Original Imagery

Stock images are great for getting started, but a tailored customer experience is defined by a branded feel across all touchpoints. You can rely on our visual experts to manage custom photography and shot lists, and deliver branded icons and graphics for sales processes.

Impactful Branding

If you are rebuilding the identity of your company, the look and feel of your entire brand should reflect that. Updating your logo, brand colors and the like will revitalize your team’s direction and engage your customers in a refreshing experience with your brand.

Ongoing Support

If you desire to make frequent changes and updates to your site based on data feedback, our ongoing support options, such as a Growth Driven Design retainer, might be the best route. Together, we will discuss your needs and determine the right engagement to set you up for scalable success.

You Don’t Have to Choose Us, But Here’s Why You Should

Though we have all the “right certifications,” we believe those alone are not what set us apart. The real confidence that we know we’re on to something comes from the stack of websites we’ve built for clients who rave about the results they’ve had.

“Lone Fir created a beautiful website for us that we love! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to use the StoryBrand methodology and HubSpot to improve your web marketing presence." 

Susan Cullen

President and Founder of Nexa Learning

“[Lone Fir] did a massive overhaul on my website, and I'm blown away at how much cleaner and user-friendly it is! The way they used the Storybrand Framework to define my messaging has made a huge impact on my sales and traffic to my site. USE THEM!”

Clint Gresham

Owner of Clint Gresham Speaks



The Badges We Wear Proudly

Web - StoryBrand Agency Badge-c

StoryBrand Certified Agency

Messaging + Structure

Business is a story. Your customer is the hero, and your brand is the guide that helps them succeed. This is the essence of the StoryBrand Framework. It’s how we approach everything we do because it’s a proven method that works.


HubSpot Platinum Partner

Strategy + Technical

If you win in digital marketing, you’re likely using HubSpot. That’s why we put so much value into mastering HubSpot through a robust certification tool belt.

Our Promise to You

You have our word that we’re setting you up for success, and successful websites are built upon the following principles. 

  • A Clear Foundation

    Would you build a house without a foundation? Neither would we. For a website, that starts with clear messaging. It gives us clarity to provide you the best possible value and set you up to get the right leads for your business.

  • Results-Driven Strategy

    We build your website with one purpose in mind: to get you results. Whether that’s better conversions or just getting people to opt into your newsletter, we strategize around your goals and create a framework that sets you up to win.

  • Built to Sell

    There are websites, and there are websites that sell. We prefer the latter and believe you do too. We write copy that compels, create design that captivates and develop content that engages. No, it’s not the “quick fix.” It’s the one that works. 


Need a StoryBrand Website Fast?

You shouldn’t have to wait until you have a full website to start using your BrandScript to increase revenue.

Get a pre-built homepage template specifically designed to clearly deliver your BrandScript and compel users to take action. We'll even do all the work to get it up and running for you.


If You Build It, Won’t They Come?

Not necessarily.
Yes, it's true, your website should be your best online salesman. But think of it as a salesman who doesn’t travel anywhere or call anyone. It can only sell when people find it. For people to find it, you need an inbound marketing strategy that turns curious web browsers into happy customers — your happy customers.