EnterBridge came to us ready to upgrade their website and bolster their inbound marketing efforts. They wanted to create something that was easier for users to navigate and clearly communicated their solutions to prospective customers. Additionally, they wanted to build a strong bank of educational content to use both on their site and in the sales process. We recommended a strategy that would improve their improved digital presence with a new website redesign and updated messaging, a consistent blog content strategy, and multiple conversion paths through the development of several lead magnets with custom email nurture series and ongoing HubSpot support.

ENT_Case Study 01

The Challenge

  • EnterBridge wanted a website they were excited to send users and prospects to that they felt captured their brand.
  • There were few ways to generate leads from their website and no established structure for nurturing leads throughout the customer journey.
  • From over the years they had multiple sites which fragmented the user experience and their understanding of their services.

The Solution

  • We redesigned their website, improved the user flow .
  • We created 24 new blog posts to educate top-of-funnel users about EnterBridge’s services and how they’re used across different industries.
  • 3 Lead magnets were developed each with a custom email nurture series, to capture and engage leads on the website.
  • Automated workflows were developed along with custom sales sequences in their HubSpot portal.
ENT_Case Study 02
ENT_Case Study 03


EnterBridge now has a new website that they’re proud to share with potential customers. They also have a growing library of blog content that can be used to educate website users and in the sales process. Their lead generators have already started capturing new leads and they’re enjoying improved sales and marketing workflows via HubSpot automation. EnterBridge continues to work with us to hone their inbound and ABM marketing efforts and fully utilize their HubSpot portal.

Become Irreplaceable

Your business is either a replaceable commodity or an irreplaceable brand. What you become is determined by your marketing — and we can help with that.