A labor and distribution logistics company focused on strengthening supply chains for businesses across the U.S.

Long-Term Marketing Strategy and Execution

FHI was looking for a long-term marketing partner that was well-versed in both StoryBrand and HubSpot.

We began by helping FHI finish defining their BrandScript and building a plan to implement that refined messaging across their website. 

We collaborated closely with FHI to redesign their website and rewrite the copy for their pages to reflect their thought-leadership and industry-leading performance.

Our work with FHI continues as we optimize their website and execute new marketing tactics to achieve their business objectives.

FHI Homepage Mockup

What The Client Has To Say

Lone Fir combined their StoryBrand experience and HubSpot expertise to deliver a new website that our entire company was excited about. We’ve worked with other agencies and our favorite thing about Lone Fir is how transparent and responsive they’ve been throughout the partnership. And, they’ve just been a fun group to work with overall. We’d recommend Lone Fir to any company looking for a skilled and friendly agency to plan and execute their marketing strategy.
Will Seel
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Become Irreplaceable

Your business is either a replaceable commodity or an irreplaceable brand. The one you become is determined by your marketing — and we can help with that.