Hadley General Contractors

As a result of the ongoing marketing initiatives we've implemented, Hadley has experienced increased business growth through a stronger online presence. The partnership has not only included a full strategy and messaging refresh, but also a complete brand and website redesign, a fresh logo and content, social media creative and management blog development and execution.

The Challenge

  • Lack of a clear, consistent and compelling brand message 
  • Inconsistent and ineffective digital presence 
  • Absence of social media presence across all platforms 

The Solution

  • Identified and proposed initiatives to improve areas of weakness
  • Redesigned website, logo and overall branding
  • Created and executed social media accounts and strategy
  • Launched, produced and managed a new blog
  • Developed six month social media calendar, content and copy
  • Produced clear and compelling messaging to be used throughout their digital presence
  • Analyzed SEO results and online conversion and engagement rates
  • Designed, created and executed an email campaign, as well as a website lead generator
  • Coordinated and designed several internal and customer-facing marketing assets including: Hadley Playbook, Brand & Style Guide, Business Suite, Brochures, Portfolio Look Book, Presentation Tool, Signage, Vehicle Decals, Etc. 


14% Increase in Website Users

3 months after the launch of hadleyconstruction.com new website users increased from 160/month to 188/month 

38% Increase in Website Sessions

3 months after the launch of the website, sessions increased from 207/month to 287/month 

60% Increase in Page Views

3 months after the launch of the website, page views increased from 415/month to 666/month 

120% Increase in Conversion Rate

3 months after the launch of the website, conversion rate increased from .32% to .70% 


Continued Work

  • Strategy and creative for social media content across platforms
  • Ongoing analysis of website and digital engagement
  • Creating and publishing monthly website blogs
  • Maintaining website and marketing materials with new and current content 

Become Irreplaceable

Your business is either a replaceable commodity or an irreplaceable brand. What you become is determined by your marketing — and we can help with that.