Impact Parks

Playcore came to us with a bold idea: a new brand that focused on helping philanthropists bring change to their communities through parks. The idea was in its nascent stages and we were tasked with helping to develop it and bring it to life. 

Through our partnership, Impact Parks was born. We helped them create a brand identity, hone in on the heart of their mission, develop messaging that communicated their goal and build a custom website that reflected their vision.   

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The Challenge

  • Parent company, Playcore, wanted to create an offshoot brand that focused on building parks and outdoor spaces for communities.
  • They were looking for a StoryBrand agency.
  • Needed to reflect their core values and mission of community development through philanthropy.

The Solution

  • Developed a complete brand to reflect their mission, which included
    • Messaging
    • Naming
    • Branding
    • Brand Identity
    • Custom HubSpot website
    • HubSpot sales funnel
  • Highlighted the impact their philanthropists make on their communities through the brand name “Impact Parks.”
  • Provided a way for companies to put their philanthropy efforts toward something that has a lasting community impact.


We created a whole brand that Playcore could comfortably launch and manage, and provided tools and training that allowed them to carry the momentum forward on their own.


Become Irreplaceable

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