Inbound Marketing Services

To grow your brand, you need to build a sustainable marketing machine.

Our inbound services focus on the long-term gains of consistent asset-building, outreach and optimization.

How It Works


Before we can create effective content, we will complete a messaging workshop to solidify the direction of your brand message.


Depending on what stream of business you need to focus on most, we will discuss which content formats would be most fitting for your brand at the time.


Our team will dive into research to identify the right topic matter for your audience and create all content on your behalf. All you’ll need to do is give us the okay.

Inbound Services

These services are designed to fuel your growth and set you up for long-term success.

The Customer Journey Map focuses on increasing conversions for B2B companies by optimizing specific touchpoints throughout your business's entire digital funnel.

  • Evaluation of Customer Journey
  • Plan for Filling Gaps in Journey
  • Optimization Recommendations

Everything you need to have high-performing blogs and drive more traffic directly to your website.

  • Content Analysis
  • Keyword + Topic Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Content Writing
  • Content Calendar
  • Publication

Stay engaged with prospects, customers and your community by delivering relevant content and can’t-miss offers to their inbox.

  • Nurture Campaigns
  • Announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Sales Enablement + Outreach
  • Transactional Series

Grow your audience, become a trusted source, and generate new leads by building a collection of helpful resources.

  • Digital Magazines
  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Case Studies
  • PDF Downloads

Focusing your marketing efforts on specific accounts is one the most reliable ways to produce results. With ABM, we'll build a strategy to reach key accounts and train your team on how to drive sales forward.

  • ABM Strategy
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Sales Outreach Training

Technology We Use

Google Analytics
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A Client’s Point of View

The folks at Lone Fir Creative are magicians with words and went beyond copy to communicate our true business value to our customers. They helped us align all our messaging so our sales team and our website communicated the same thing and I'm so thankful to have crystal clear messaging representing our entire brand.
Todd Earwood
Founder + CEO

Our Most Popular Offerings

Blog Strategy

For brands who need more organic visibility

  • Audit of Current Content Performance
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Determine Target Metrics Based on Company Goals
  • Suggested Strategy and Topic Focus
  • Keyword Research + Strategy Blogs
  • Content Calendar
  • Blog Outlines
Sales Funnel

For brands that need to develop their lead nurturing

  • Interview With Subject Matter Experts
  • Topic Ideation + Outline
  • Lead Generator Copy + Design
  • Email Series Copy + Design
  • Landing Page Copy + Design
Automation Setup
  • Triggers and Emails Set Up in Automation Platform
Content Production

For brands who need to outsource content writing

Editorial Support
  • Audit + Editorial Support of Previously Published Content
  • Strategic Planning, Ideation and Concepts for New Content
  • Emails
  • Lead Generator (PDF, eBook, White Paper)
  • Blogs
  • Webpage Content

Inbound Works

Inbound marketing is designed to fuel long-term growth for your brand. Invest now; reap always.