Building Champions

Project Summary

In our partnership with Building Champions, we have seen a significant increase in audience engagement and a positive impact on overall revenue. They originally came to us with an understanding of StoryBrand, but needed help implementing its principles in their marketing. Using the StoryBrand Framework and HubSpot's marketing platform, we've implemented sales funnels, a content strategy, and keyword-driven blogs to promote their company mission — helping individuals, teams and organizations maximize their leadership potential.

The Challenge

Building Champions already had healthy brand awareness in their space, but they needed help building content, writing blogs and cleaning up their HubSpot portal. They were looking for better ways to bring new leads into their business through their marketing efforts.


The Solution

We worked directly with one of Building Champions’ VPs to create engaging assets that spoke to their audience and reflected their company values. We used both lead generation and organic content to help educate potential clients and provide consistent touch points for leads. 

We used HubSpot to create automated processes that effectively engaged leads without adding extra tasks to the in-house marketer's plate.

In our initial engagement:

  • We created and implemented five sales funnels across their website using HubSpot.
  • We created reporting in HubSpot to track the success of marketing campaigns.
  • We developed contact segmentation for buyer personas.
  • We developed a content strategy to address their core service areas and audiences.
  • We wrote blogs based on keyword research to bolster their organic traffic.


Since our partnership began in November 2021, the five sales funnels we created have created impactful, trackable results.

  • Average CTR (form fill out) of 51%
  • 2,000+ page views
  • 80 new contacts first touch point attributed to our sales funnels
  • Over $350k in influenced revenue

Continued Work

After seeing the results from this initial contract, Building Champions chose to continue working with us on a retainer basis. Since then we’ve crafted  numerous additional sales funnels, continued creating blog content, built multiple email series and continue to offer HubSpot support.

Become Irreplaceable

Your business is either a replaceable commodity or an irreplaceable brand. What you become is determined by your marketing — and we can help with that.