Lincoln County Unite for Youth

Lincoln County Unite for Youth needed a unified marketing strategy for their Spring Up program which operates in three distinct communities in their area. We partnered with them for brand and marketing strategy, audience journeys, website and logo designs, messaging and website copy — all of which aligned their Spring Up marketing efforts and identity under their central branding and messaging.

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The Challenge

When we first met LCUFY, their marketing efforts were slim. They were running some social media marketing and a few inquiry forms, but they wanted to be more intentional with their marketing strategy for each community in their organization.

Overall, their marketing goals included:

  • Create a unified experience among the three Spring Up communities
  • Communicate the program’s value with parents and caregivers in each community
  • Create opportunities for meaningful engagement via their website

The Solution

We used foundational elements from the LCUFY parent brand to guide our decisions for Spring Up. We completed:

  • Brand identity + positioning
  • The audience journey
  • Website page design
  • Website copy

Solidifying the brand identity and positioning helped to create a unified experience across Spring Up communities. New web design and copy better communicated their message and the value of their program to community members, and the audience journey helped them strategically place opportunities for engagement on their website.  

Each Spring Up community now has its own website with custom copy that speaks to the central program messaging. Plus, they include accessible forms where users can input their information to learn more about Spring Up in their community.

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Spring Up Results


LCUFY now has a clear brand architecture with messaging that is consistent across all three Spring Up communities. Each community now has a unique identity, logo and website that is tailored to its audience, along with web copy that quickly communicates the problem they solve and the value of their service.

They have also been receiving form submissions for both the parent and child brands via their website, assisting in their efforts to better engage with the communities.

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