Lassen Park Foundation

The charm of Lassen Park is that it’s not as frequented as neighboring options, which allows guests to feel like they have the park to themselves and can truly take in the peace and beauty of the nature that surrounds them. They wanted their website to communicate that feeling.

We designed a website that reflected the beauty and solitude found at the park and created a more streamlined user experience that made it simple for people to navigate. New messaging reflected the feeling that Lassen could be “your own national park.”


The Challenge

  • The existing website was outdated, not responsive for mobile and tablet users, not ADA compliant and lacked a cohesive, appealing design
  • They needed copy to compel donors, provide information about the park and promote various opportunities for kids and families, such as the volcano adventure camp
  • Their current site wasn’t helping them generate donations
  • Messaging lacked clarity and consistency

The Solution

  • Used StoryBrand to help their homepage resonate with their audience and demonstrate the value of the park
  • Revamped the user experience to be geared toward donors
  • Implemented a new website design that simplified the sitemap so users could focus on the actions Lassen Park wanted them to take
  • Used full width imagery with seamless transitions on the homepage to feel more open and mimic the feeling of exploring the outdoors
  • Used our BrandScript service to improve clarity of messaging across the entire website.

Become Irreplaceable

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