Why Go HubSpot?

By Jessica D'Amato on January 19, 2021

For many, HubSpot's alluring inbound marketing platform has been piquing their interest for years. So enough is enough. It’s time you know all the fuss about inbound marketing. Admittedly, I’m biased. Having used the HubSpot marketing platform for several years — broken and rebuilt workflows, mapped out SEO strategies, designed landing pages and email templates — it’s an incredible piece of software that will elevate your customer experience well beyond the norm.

Yes, I’ve used other platforms like MailChimp (blah), ConvertKit (yuck), Klaviyo (give me a break) and several others that yielded similar disappointment. Although these platforms are working to “level up” to HubSpot's reputation, they don’t quite compare. In fact, they miss...by a lot.

Whether you’re building an eCommerce business or have a multi-million dollar company, HubSpot is the marketing software you didn’t know you needed. 

We'll cover a lot in this article, so feel free to jump around or read straight through:

  1. HubSpot for eCommerce
  2. Is HubSpot Worth the Investment?
  3. Leveraging Inbound Marketing With HubSpot Tools
  4. Getting Started With HubSpot

HubSpot for eCommerce

HubSpot for WooCommerce

Let’s start with the basics. 

HubSpot’s had an integration for the WooCommerce plugin for quite some time. They've finessed the integration over the years, but let’s tap into a few of the specific benefits of integrating WooCommerce with HubSpot.

Sync Your Customers and Orders

Say to yourself, “All my customer relationship data in one place.'' I know, I know, this sentence has evoked a sense of calm that has washed over your mind and body. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but seriously, why should you have to go from platform to platform just to utilize, measure and report on customer data?

With the HubSpot CRM, all your customer purchase data lives in HubSpot. Orders are now deals, and customers have synced to become new contacts along with their historical data. This means you can utilize your customer data for email marketing campaigns and promotional offers, or discover customer trends and much more. Your customer relationship management just became a breeze.

Marketing Automation Workflows Based on Triggered Customer Actions

In a perfect world, when a customer purchases your product, a series of actions are triggered. They combine the efforts of your email marketing, content creation, sales team and other critical marketing efforts, all working toward perfecting your customer’s journey. 

I have one word for you: HubSpot. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Why Go HubSpot_Marketing Automation

Take, for instance, when a customer views one product but purchases another. The key piece here is that they showed interest in the other product. Within HubSpot, you can set up a series of automated steps that will send your customer a personalized message saying:

“Thanks for your purchase! We noticed you were also eyeing [Snazzy Product]. At [Snazzy Company Name], we want you to have it all, so here’s 10% off your next purchase.”

That may be a bit overboard with the “cheese factor,” but with the ability to create dynamic coupon codes, smart content, automated workflows and more, you can have it all too!

A Personalized Customer Experience They’ll Love

HubSpot offers you the ability to stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds even when they’ve abandoned a cart or payment page. The HubSpot and WooCommerce integration uses your customer and order data to segment and engage with cart abandonment. 

What does this mean?

Let’s say a customer was on the brink of purchasing one of your products, but didn’t follow through. Knowing that on average 63% of sales can be recaptured with an immediate follow-up email, you can increase the chance of securing that sale with a single touch. The HubSpot/WooCommerce integration makes it even easier for your customers to pick up right where they left off by sending an email to them with images of the products left behind, their prices and a link right back to their cart.

What do we call that?

Personalized. Customer. Experience. BOOM!


It’s important to remember this is just a taste of the functionality of HubSpot and WooCommerce. It only gets better from here.

Shopify for HubSpot

Shopify can customers become new leads in HubSpot, orders are tracked within the CRM and contact records will be updated. Sound difficult? Think you'll be sitting for hours waiting for things to load and transfer and calculate? Think again!

It takes minutes. Honestly, it’s that easy. Click a button and sit back (with popcorn, of course) while your data is synced

But wait...there's more! HubSpot offers lots of fun tools when integrating with Shopify that you won't want to miss out on. Check out a few below!

Pre-Built eCommerce Workflows

HubSpot has done a good bit of legwork for you with the HubSpot and Shopify integration. With pre-built workflows for abandoned carts, re-engagement and a welcome series, half of building your customer journey is already done for you. Hip, hip, hooray!

Why Go HubSpot_HubSpot Shopify Integration

Comprehensive Customer Reporting and Insights

Having all your customer data live in HubSpot’s CRM, coupled with the ability to create actionable marketing strategies from that data, means endless possibilities. As all marketers know, having a plethora of strategy possibilities feels like Christmas came early, and Santa was kind enough to bring the yacht we’ve been asking for. (It’s really not a lot to ask for.) 

Did We Mention the Shopify Integration Has a Free Trial?

If you’re a HubSpot and Shopify customer, you can start integrating your platforms for free. Let’s recap real quick: click-of-a-button installation; pre-built eCommerce workflows; better customer reporting and analysis; oh, and it has a 14-day free trial. 

K thanks bye.

HubSpot for Other eCommerce Platforms

The bottom line is, while your eCommerce platform handles the boring backend of payment management, customer order data and miscellaneous tasks, HubSpot picks up the slack to create a holistic and personalized buyer's journey (with a dash of automation). From the moment a customer visits your site, to the minute they receive their product, you know they’ve had a world-class experience. 

So, regardless of if you choose WooCommerce, Shopify or other eCommerce systems, pair it with HubSpot to supercharge your platform. HubSpot is the inbound marketing software that gives your marketing strategy that Christmas morning feeling (yacht included).

Is HubSpot Worth the Investment?

Increasing Lead Generation and Conversions

Leads are slipping through your fingers, and you may not even know it. I’m sure you’d like to think they're not, but they are. Think of all the points of entry a prospect has to your website: Facebook ads, a referral, organic search, etc. 

HubSpot’s sales and marketing tools are designed to help you optimize all points of your sales funnel from the bottom to the top. No more missing out on bottom-of-the-funnel conversions who are on the edge of their seat. From email marketing and paid advertising to segmentation and personalization, HubSpot will be there to call back your leads if they do happen to stray. 

Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey

Not sure where your customers are coming from or where to start with mapping out their journey? Harness the ability to understand your customers and their path from discovering you to purchasing your products or services. 

Repeatedly, I’ve seen companies that struggle to grasp their buyer’s journey. They aren't sure about how much traffic they’re getting or which blog posts perform the best. Their development teams are making changes to their website without any data to back them up (which can only be described as wandering through the dark with your eyes closed trying to find your way to the gold at the end of the rainbow). 

From the ad keyword to direct traffic on the webpage, HubSpot helps you gain in-depth insight into your customer’s journey from start to finish. Embrace the wonders of this marketing platform to turn your ROI around and start seeing a positive return on your marketing strategy.

Get More With Measurement and Analytics

Do you know who your best customers are? More than likely you have an idea, but without the data to back it up, you’re throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping it sticks.

Why Go HubSpot_Measurement and Analytics

                                                                                                                                                             Image: Hubspot Blog

Hubspot allows you to observe your prospects as they move through lifecycle stages—from the sales funnel into the buying cycle—with in-depth measurement and analytics. You’ll quickly be able to identify gaps in your marketing and sales efforts to become more agile in improving your marketing and sales strategies.

Leveraging Inbound Marketing With HubSpot Tools

HubSpot's marketing tools go beyond simple sales and marketing tools. You have the power to connect your marketing efforts under a single platform so you can:

  • Schedule your social media posts for the next six months
  • Build custom landing pages with smart content based on contact demographics 
  • Expand your SEO efforts with pillar pages and optimized content
  • Automate routine sales and marketing tasks on top of your email marketing efforts

What's more, HubSpot marketing and sales tools are continually improving, so your sales and marketing strategies are always one step ahead.

Let's dig into some of HubSpot's tools!

Email Marketing That Changes the Game

We’ve all heard the rumors… 67% of businesses claim email marketing is their best marketing investment. Have you made your investment?

Some people like to think “email is dead,” and it’s impossible to stand out in someone’s inbox. This tells me they’re doing it wrong. More than likely, their recipient lists haven’t been segmented, their subject lines aren’t speaking to the customer, their emails aren’t adequately optimized for Email Service Providers (ESPs), and they’re working harder, not smarter. 

Take advantage of HubSpot’s robust design and automation tools to build email campaigns that not only resonate with your customers but accelerate them through the buyer’s journey.

Nail Your Customer Service Experience With HubSpot Service Hub

Is your customer service team struggling to create a cohesive customer experience? Maybe you’ve had customers complain that it takes eons for your customer service team to respond. 

Fill the gap in your customer service team and sales process with HubSpot’s Service Hub. This is your golden ticket to improving your team’s collaboration and productivity, gaining valuable customer insight and creating an experience they’ll share with others. 

We live in a world where customer feedback is crucial to maintaining customer loyalty and building brand credibility. Service Hub will enhance your customer service experience to a level you never thought possible. 

Did Somebody Say Content Marketing?

Most clients we work with know how important content marketing is to their marketing strategy, but some are just starting to grasp the meaning of content marketing and how monumental it can be to increase their ROI. 

As a fundamental element of an inbound strategy, content marketing aims to attract and draw prospects into your marketing efforts by creating content that provides value. In combination with automation, your content marketing efforts can appeal to prospects throughout the buying process, as well as nurture cold leads into readiness for the buying process.

HubSpot offers an in-program content management system that can help you achieve all of your content marketing goals. Your inbound content marketing efforts will increase not just the quantity of leads but also the quality of leads coming through your door. 

Getting Started With HubSpot

Woah! Okay, reading through this may feel a bit like drinking from a firehose. So let’s back up a bit and review. 

Why go HubSpot? 

  • Increase your ROI
  • Optimize your buyer’s journey
  • Push your marketing and sales strategy to the limit 

Getting started is the easiest part! But if you’re not sure what “getting started” looks like for your business, give us a shout! As a full-service digital marketing agency and HubSpot partner, HubSpot is kind of our thing. We’ll walk through what HubSpot means for you and discover opportunities within your current strategy to implement within HubSpot. We’re here to help get you that yacht for Christmas, make the spaghetti to stick to the wall and find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Want to see how HubSpot compares to other marketing platforms? Check out our comparison of the top marketing automation platforms (and everything you need to know to find the right one for your business).

Jessica D'Amato
Jessica D'Amato
Having worked in marketing across a variety of industries in health, beauty, fitness, eLearning, and more, Jessica's diverse background has provided a deep understanding of branding and customer loyalty. Automations, email marketing, SEO, paid advertising, are just a few things that wake her up in the morning (plus a strong cup of coffee and early morning workout).

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