5 Reasons to Work With a HubSpot Partner Agency

By Jessica D'Amato on May 14, 2020

HubSpot is a magical tool that promises big things: insight into each interaction a contact has on your site, easy-to-use marketing tools and automated everything. It is an incredible tool. But sometimes, it can feel too incredible. You know there is a ton that HubSpot can do, but you feel like you’re only accessing a small portion of its potential.

The truth is, because HubSpot is such a powerful tool, it can take a long time to master. Enter: HubSpot Partner Agencies. They live and breathe HubSpot. 

Think of HubSpot as a delicious meal. Everyone starts with the same ingredients, but it's up to the chef to use those ingredients well to create the right meal. Not to mention, at the end of it, all the pots and pans need to be cleaned.

Introducing a HubSpot Partner Agency is like throwing your ingredients into an InstaPot, and in a fraction of the time, you still have the best meal you’ve ever cooked. The best part? No dirty pots and pans to clean.

In this article we’ll cover a few key benefits of working with a HubSpot Partner Agency:

  • Getting Started: Make Setting Up Your HubSpot Portal a Breeze
  • Expertise on How YOU Should Be Using HubSpot
  • Knowing How to Aggregate Your Marketing Performance Under One Roof
  • Comfort in Knowing You’re Getting the Most Out of HubSpot
  • “Beta” Be Better than the Competition
  • Relevant Training for Your Needs

But First, What Is a HubSpot Partner Agency?

A HubSpot Partner Agency has expertise specifically geared towards the HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service Hub platforms. Their focus is generating results through various inbound sales and marketing strategies using the HubSpot platform.

Marketing and web design agencies, sales consultants and other HubSpot software consultants deliver inbound sales and marketing services such as marketing automation, content creation, SEO, social media, sales enablement and more.

It’s important to note the title “HubSpot Agency Partner” is not handed out like a ribbon to third graders on field day. HubSpot's partners go through rigorous certifications and practical examinations to prove their capability as an advisor to clients, and as an expert in HubSpot software. Partners also have a set of tiers that they work through to become a platinum, elite or diamond partner. Why do these tiers matter? They're based on several factors, including the agency's inbound marketing success, recurring revenue, software engagement and usage, and client retention. All of these things indicate the experience and success the agency has working with clients in their HubSpot portals. 

If you’re in the process of looking for a HubSpot Partner Agency, here are some basic questions to ask.

Do they practice what they preach in: 

  1. Prioritizing sales and marketing success through the implementation of service level agreements?
  2. Utilizing best practices for content creation and sales enablement?
  3. What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are they implementing for their own marketing?
  4. What lead generation methods are they using to stock their sales funnels?
  5. Are they innovative in their own inbound experimentation and strategies? 
  6. Is Growth Driven Design actively practiced internally?
  7. What is their mission as a HubSpot Partner Agency?

Asking these questions will set you up for success in discovering if a HubSpot Agency Partner is right for you. Keep reading to discover some of the benefits of working with a HubSpot Partner!

Hubspot Health Audit

1. Getting Started: Set Up Your HubSpot Portal

Clicking the cogwheel to open up your settings can feel like you just opened Pandora's box — very scary. But you can rest assured knowing that a HubSpot Agency Partner has opened up portal settings a thousand times and knows exactly where to go. They can easily help you set up things like your blog and email domain, logo, favicon, brand settings, website navigation and anything else relating to your portal.

Getting started in your HubSpot portal takes time. Still, Marketing Agencies that work in HubSpot already have familiarity and can set up your portal quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to give it a second thought.

2. Expertise in HubSpot to Better Showcase How YOU Should Be Using HubSpot

It's our job as HubSpot Partners to get to know your business so that we can help customize HubSpot for your business's needs.

For instance, sales enablement for a four-year university looks completely different than for a SaaS company. Having expertise in working with a variety of sales teams in their Sales Hubs means it's easy to determine what a sales pipeline for a university or a SaaS company would look like, and what automations pair with those pipelines. This removes the guesswork and helps create an efficient HubSpot process from the start.

3. Connect HubSpot’s Toolset to Your Marketing Strategy

You have a vision for the marketing initiatives you want to implement, and a HubSpot agency can help you get there! Plus, they can help you take it one step further!

Not knowing all the intricacies and capabilities of HubSpot can sometimes limit the extent of the marketing campaign you plan to run. Hand the reins or run it by a HubSpot marketing agency, and we’ll give ideas and tips on how to best implement it!

For instance, you’ve been manually enrolling contacts into a sales sequence as a “welcome series.” Turn that sales sequence into a HubSpot workflow, and you’ve now unlocked the potential to track more than just the conversion rate and completely customize your customer's experience.

Maybe you just want to send an email. We’ll help you take it a step further to discover new insights about your audience. Running A/B tests on subject lines, HTML versus plain text emails, etc. to help you market to your contacts better and more efficiently.  

4. "Beta" Be Better than the Competition

Get it? “Beta be better”? No? That’s okay. My husband isn’t a fan of my puns either. 

HubSpot is equivalent to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory — a place filled with wonderment, chocolate flowers to be discovered (and consumed), and doors unopened to the room with geese hatching gold eggs. Most of us in the HubSpot partner community like to think of it as our playground and are excited to see it grow every day.

Likely you don’t have the time to read up on all the newest updates to HubSpot’s automation workflows, CMS, content marketing software and latest inbound marketing strategies.That’s okay because that is literally our job as HubSpot partners. We live and breathe, and if we could, sleep in this system (we even get certificates as HubSpot users when we've reached 1,000+ hours of activity on the platform). We're constantly checking out HubSpot’s newest features because it not only makes us better marketers; it helps us better serve our clients. 

Plus, we’re often some of the first to hear about new beta features being tested. So if a new beta feature we know you would benefit from becomes available, we’re on the phone as quickly as possible to unlock it for your marketing hub, service or sales hub. 

Complete transparency... I'd still take the chocolate factory.

5. Constant Access to Training Specific to Your Needs

HubSpot Partner Agencies are all about empowering companies to use all of HubSpot’s features to the fullest. Come on; we wouldn’t just hand you the keys, wish you luck and never talk to you again! 

We want you to use HubSpot and be as excited about what it can do for your marketing as we are! When you work with a HubSpot Partner Agency, it’s the opportunity to understand what training — whether that be agency led or HubSpot Academy led — you need to fully utilize the platform. Consistent and relevant training is key to getting a foothold on where to start first. Sometimes that means taking it slow with learning how to add a new user, or how to create a drag-and-drop email. 

Never fear! Should you ever get stuck on workflow logic or setting up an email send, a HubSpot Partner Agency, or even your Channel Account Manager, is only a quick call or email away! 


You may feel you have a pretty good handle on HubSpot and are applying it to your business, services, products, etc., and that’s great! HubSpot has built a robust learning center that provides training for all skill levels. If you haven’t had a chance to explore their training, I suggest starting with the HubSpot Marketing Software. Or if you’re just getting started in Sales Hub, check out the HubSpot Sales Software.

HubSpot should be your all-in-one platform, and if you're not feeling that, then let's talk

Jessica D'Amato
Jessica D'Amato
Having worked in marketing across a variety of industries in health, beauty, fitness, eLearning, and more, Jessica's diverse background has provided a deep understanding of branding and customer loyalty. Automations, email marketing, SEO, paid advertising, are just a few things that wake her up in the morning (plus a strong cup of coffee and early morning workout).

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