Lead Flows: Less Pop-ups More Value

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Derek Kinzer
Derek Kinzer

04.24.2018 | 2 min read

Let's be transparent for a moment.

If we were to ask a room of 500 individuals to demonstrate their love for an "exit intent" pop-up with raising their hand or yelling, what do you think the reaction would be?


A. [... crickets] Absolute silence.

B. An quick exit resembling an angry mob (minus the pitchforks).

On the flip side, when shopping on Amazon, or watching a video on Youtube rarely, am I disappointed with a "people also bought this" or a "recommended video". Don't act like you've never been deep into a rabbit trail of binge worthy Youtube videos.

Here's the point.

Why cater your ebooks, white papers, checklists or any other content assets in the same manner? Instead of attempting to force downloadable content or last minute desperation offers (queue exit intent... "BUT WAIT!") let's try positioning them as convenient value offers. Consider it your on-site content concierge.

There's a difference between Lead Flows and Forms. While Hubspot lead flows are technically "pop-ups", there is a way to design them with valuable, inbound intent.

Here's how:

Start by appropriating your lead flow offers with the pages that they exist on. You don't have to blanket your entire website with the same thing. Adding a lead flow ebook offer or infographic is a great way to increase value on your blog page or other pages that are educating site visitors about your product or service. Just remember to ask yourself, "how is this benefiting them?" so that you continue to present valuable offers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.28.32 AM


Again, we strongly recommend not placing the same lead flow on every page of your site. In the options tab within lead flows you can specify the pages as well as how the flow is triggered (after 50% scroll or a period of time or elapsed time).


Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.57.51 AM

Lastly, there is the exit-intent pop up. Sure, historically this tends to be irritating for the user-experience, however, this type of lead flow still has the opportunity to provide more value than one would think. Again, be sure that the messaging is consistent with the page that it lives on as well as the offer!

Example: An exit-intent pop up asking you to subscribe for notifications, "would you like to be notified when we post more content like this?". Typically we steer clear from a yes or no question, but in this case it's a very non-intrusive ask. Plus, if you're producing quality content, why wouldn't they want more? (PS: don't forget to have some personality in this type of lead flow so it's not ignored)

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