[Special Episode] Get more qualified leads into your funnel with ABM.

Ashlee Rolkowski on May 15, 2023


In this special episode, we give you the recording of our ABM webinar where Kate Cygan, Director of Client Services, and Krista Donohoe, MarTech Strategist, discuss everything you need to know about ABM. 

Kate starts with the four primary benefits of ABM: 

  1. Fosters qualified leads
  2. Increases effectiveness
  3. Improved alignment between sales and marketing
  4. Better ROI

She then walks you through the three different parts of an ABM campaign: your audience, their pain points and your content. Kate offers advice on how to build your target account list, identify specific problems that they’re facing and craft and deliver the right type of content to speak to their needs. 

All in all, this episode gives you the step by step guidelines you need to create and execute a successful ABM campaign. Listen to the podcast to learn more!


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Ashlee Rolkowski
Ashlee Rolkowski
Ashlee thrives on the fast-paced environment that is marketing. She gets a great deal of enjoyment out of organizing any and all things and loves helping her clients tackle their unique set of challenges.

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