Being Successful With ABM

Ashlee Rolkowski on February 20, 2023

ABM has been around for awhile now, but there are still plenty of B2B businesses missing out on its benefits. 

By definition, ABM is a business marketing strategy that concentrates resources on a set of target accounts within a market. But Kate Cyan, Director of Client Services, likes to define it as a specific strategy combining very specific, intentional and timely activities to meet your target accounts where they are when they’re there. 

On this episode of Marketing Tomorrow, Kate breaks down why ABM works and what factors make an ABM campaign successful. She also covers how your sales team can and should be involved in moving the campaign forward. 

Ashlee Rolkowski
Ashlee Rolkowski
Ashlee thrives on the fast-paced environment that is marketing. She gets a great deal of enjoyment out of organizing any and all things and loves helping her clients tackle their unique set of challenges.

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