Nick Swetnam

Director of Creative


Nick is a skilled creative and marketer who focuses on the overall strategy for the project and campaign while still being able to drill down on the individual deliverables. Nick’s main role is to push the creative limits for our clients, while maintaining a focus on their ROI and overall goals, and lead the creative team to deliver excellence for each client.

What He'll Talk About at a Party

If you met Nick at a party he would love to talk to you about new business ideas, the Phoenix Suns or Arizona Cardinals, the emergence of web 3.0, Cyrpto and NFTs (which is still something he is trying to wrap his head around), and most likely tell you a story that will make you spit milk out of your nose.

Location + Go-To Spots

Nick lives on the surface of the sun, or as others call it Phoenix, AZ, and ever summer asks himself why he hasn't moved. During the nicer months he can be found outside at the park directly across the street from his house with at least 10 other neighbors and their 30 kids enjoying a nice glass of whiskey, telling stories and laughing so loud the cops almost get called.

Nick in the Wild

Make more things happen

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