Michael Coogan

Business Development | Partner


Michael is a growth-minded entrepreneur, business leader and marketer that has spent the last 30+ years in leadership roles with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. His entrepreneurial spirit was kindled when he started his first business at 10 years old and his creative wiring has allowed him to thrive as an agency owner, both personally and professionally.

What He'll Talk About at a Party

At a party, Michael can pretty much have a conversation with anybody about anything. But if you want to really get him talking, grab a drink and buckle up for a long conversation when you bring up one of his four passions: playing guitar, songwriting, golf or fly fishing.

Location + Go-To Spots
Michael lives in Northern California, and you'll probably find him enjoying any warm beach, a nearby trout stream or a golf course on a 75 degree day.


MC in the Wild

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