Linda Quezada

Marketing Consultant


Linda is a marketing strategy specialist, her background spans from startups to internationally renowned corporations. Passionate about customer relationships, building trust and delivering results, for 8+ years she has brought a multicultural perspective to a variety of industries in multiple countries, helping businesses achieve their goals through market intelligence and strategic planning.

What She'll Talk About at a Party

Linda loves parties and meeting new people, if you run into her you can easily start a 2-hour conversation if you like to travel around the world, want to learn more about different cultures, enjoy outdoor adventures and love food!

Location + Go-To Spots

Linda is located in Portland, not Oregon but Texas! It's a 10 minute drive from Corpus Christi, a Texas city on the Gulf of Mexico. During summer time you'll find her at mountain bike trails, dog parks, and at the beach. She also loves food and enjoys visiting local cafes and restaurants.


Make more things happen

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