Leah Champagne

Content Specialist

The Life and Times of Leah Champagne


Leah is a professional content specialist with three years of experience writing for a wide array of industries. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism, then pivoted her writing skills to a career in marketing content. Now she is also well versed in completing keyword research and content strategy for our clients.

Leah is known for her consistency, creativity and ability to work with clients to create the perfect piece of content.

What She’ll Talk About at a Party
If you run into Leah at a party, the first thing she’ll tell you is the detailed description of whatever baked goods she brought. (This is never as simple as chocolate chip cookies, folks.) Next, she’ll tell you all about her two cats, Penny and Lucy, for as long as you’ll listen. The conversation will eventually turn to the book she’s currently reading, as well as what she recently finished and what she plans to read next. There’s also a good chance she’ll use a funny voice or do an over-the-top impression of someone when you least expect it.

Location + Go-to Spots
Next time you’re in the heart of Cajun country, Leah will take you to eat some real Southern Louisiana food. She’s likely to get you CC’s coffee in the morning, before a Pop’s po-boy lunch with dessert from Keller’s bakery. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be there on a weekend, a plate lunch from Laura’s II. And for a non-edible taste of local culture, Leah will bring you to her hometown for a tour of the Shadows on the Teche historical plantation home.

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