Cooper Payne

Director of People


As the Director of People, Cooper strives to live by the mantra, Mission, Others, Me, in that order. One of the most impactful ways he's discovered he can champion the "mission" is by supporting and caring for the individuals who make up the company.

Cooper comes from a customer service and sales background in B2C, both as a representative and a manager. One of his biggest takeaways from that experience was the importance of active listening and empathy. Genuinely listening to customers' concerns and trying to get at the heart of the matter is just as important for the team members he's managed. He loves working to understand how to best care for each team member while promoting a work environment where they experience professional and personal growth and have a lot of fun in the process!

What He'll Talk About at a Party

Cooper enjoys finding one or two people on the outside of the circle to strike up a conversation with. He's happy to talk or listen to just about anything, but it always makes him happy when the conversation turns to sports or food!

Location + Go-To Spots

As a Northern California resident, there are many beautiful places to explore right in their backyard. But, Cooper's happy place is at home or going on a walk in the Chico Tree Farm with his wife of 10+ years and their five kids.

Cooper in the Wild

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