Brian Curtis

Creative | Partner


Brian has spent his 32 year career developing people within the company that increase revenue through strategy, marketing and messaging. Creativity and solutions based problem solving are the driving forces behind the growth of the company and the success of their engagements. His background includes degrees in finance and communications/marketing from California State Universty, Chico.

What He'll Talk About at a Party

Most of Brian's conversations revolve around travel with his family, being outdoors, renovating airstream trailers or flying planes. He is an avid consumer of books and podcasts so if he happens to find that unicorn who has listened to the latest podcast about airplanes or airstreams, that is the party for him.

Location + Go-To Spots

Brian lives in a small town about 90 miles North of Sacramento. The highlights of the area include Bidwell Park, 3600 acres of hiking, biking and running trails that meander through the canyons overlooking Butte Creek. After a run in the park, Brian will probably take you to Sierra Nevada Brewery or Secret Trail Brewery where you can enjoy a cold beverage, a great meal and maybe a local band playing.

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