Anna Paladini

Marketing Consultant


Anna comes to the LFC team with a background in the higher education and the tech industries, specializing in storytelling and brand strategy. She leverages her experience in marketing, communications, and brand development to champion her clients’ goals and bright ideas – always. Her favorite phrase is “let’s throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks!”

What She'll Talk About at a Party

Nine times out of ten, her first move is to befriend the first pet she can find. After that, she’ll probably talk shamelessly about her cats, Perry and Phoebe, and make her way to the bar to find a gin and tonic or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Want to keep the conversation going for hours? Ask her about her pasta tattoo or her foodie adventures. She’s got “a spot” in every city she’s been to.

Location + Go-To Spots

Anna’s crowning glory is her recommendations list for local Chico fare (and beyond). While she’s lived all over Northern California (including three stints in the San Francisco Bay Area), her heart found everything it could ever need in lil ol’ Butte County. If you were to visit or reach out for a “meet + eat,” she’d take you to her favorite local coffee shop, Stoble, or the local’s hidden gem, Drunken Dumpling (try the Spicy Pan Fry Noodles. You’ll thank me later).

anna in the wild

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