Alison DeLeo

MarTech Team Lead


Ali has been working in marketing for for 8+ years. Having started her career in digital media buying at a large corporate agency, Ali quickly learned that the corporate life wasn't for her. She decided to move from media to account management and work for smaller, boutique-style agencies where she was able to have more of an impact and an internal culture. Ali enjoys being able to meet new clients, build lasting relationships with them and help them achieve their marketing goals.

What She'll Talk About at a Party

If you are to run into Ali at a party, she'll most likely be grazing at the snack table and trying to get a group of people to play some sort of party game. Looking to strike up a conversation? Bring up topics like dogs, food, coffee, traveling, and music and she'll talk your ear-off to the point where you will need to make up some sort of excuse or fake a phone call to leave the conversation.

Location + Go-To Spots

Ali currently lives in Williamsburg, VA! If you are ever in the Williamsburg or the Virginia Beach area make sure you visit the Virginia Beach boardwalk and order some Orange Crushes — you will not be disappointed. Williamsburg is a hub of history. Want to go see some battlefields? They got it. Want to go view some old buildings and get a custom handmade musket? Done.

ali in the wild

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