Inbound Strategy

We use the inbound methodology to bring all your marketing efforts together under one cohesive strategy.

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Marketing With the End in Mind

Define Your Core Message and Audience

To create a cohesive marketing strategy, you need to know what you're saying and to who you're saying it. We'll help develop a core brand message that will serve as a filter for all your marketing efforts.

Nurture Leads Through Your Sales Funnel

Once you start expanding your business to bring in colder leads, you need a way to nurture them to a sale. We'll create compelling content and copy that takes them through the buyers journey and encourages them towards a purchase decision.

Accessible Analytics

Marketing is all about testing theories and seeing what works. We'll create analytics dashboards that give you access to data from all your marketing efforts so you can keep a beat on what's working, and what's not.

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Suffering from Fragmented Marketing Efforts?

Bring it all together with a cohesive Inbound Strategy

The Inbound Methodology

Attract + Engage + Delight

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This is the stage where prospects encounter your content and interact with your company for the first time. We want to offer valuable information and insight that promotes trust and also create a memorable impression of your brand. We do this by creating search optimized content and a killer website your prospects will love.

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At this stage, you engage prospects that are interested in becoming customers. You need to offer them opportunities to trade their information for something valuable so that you can continue to nurture them towards a purchase decision. We can do this with popups, downloadable offers, and content that overcomes key objections to your service or product. 

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In this stage, you go the extra mile to create an experience that prospects and customers want to share with others. Much of this will come down to your team's customer service, but we can provide support with automations, personalized content and powerful HubSpot features. 

How We Do It


From beginning to end, we have inbound tactics to fit every stage of the buyer's journey.

  • Brand Messaging

    Words are the cornerstone of every customer interaction you have, so they should be given dedicated attention and time. Our team will create a clear and compelling message for your brand to use in any situation. People will understand how you help them, and therefore, they will trust you with their business.

  • Search Engine Optimized Content

    Exposing more of your target audience to your brand means increasing organic traffic on your site. To do that, we write and optimize articles to match your prospective customers' searches. You'll answer the questions they have that are standing in the way of a decision while establishing yourself as a trusted guide. 

  • Website Design + Development

    Your website is often the biggest impression you'll make on a prospect. We'll design and build a beautiful website that makes it simple for your prospects to convert. 

  • HubSpot Setup, Training and Support

    We use HubSpot to build a sales and marketing machine that makes you more efficient and effective. We'll set up your portal and provide training and support that allows your team to fully leverage every feature HubSpot offers.

  • Lead Magnets

    If you want to continue to engage prospects who visit your site, you need to offer a valuable piece of content that they are willing to trade their email for. We will write (or rewrite) and design a piece of content that your prospects can't help but want.

  • Email Nurture Sequences

    Once your prospect enters the sales funnel, you need to nurture them towards a purchase decision. We write and design email sequences the clearly address the objections your prospect has to your service and overcomes them to move them to a sale.

  • Automations

    We'll make sure leads aren't falling through the cracks by automating notifications, tasks and email followups. 

  • Analytics + Reporting Dashboards

    Marketing is all about testing to see what works. We'll build analytics dashboards that report on key performance indicators that you can access any time through a live link.


You Don’t Have to Choose Us, But Here’s Why You Should

Though we have all the “right certifications,” we believe those alone are not what set us apart. The real confidence that we know we’re on to something comes from the stack of work we've done for clients who rave about the results they’ve had.

“Since 2016 LFC has guided us in identifying who our main customers are, developing strategies around them and educating us on sales and marketing. They are our go-to in all things digital marketing." 

Karla Shaw

Marketing Director | WEATHERLY INN

“The Lone Fir team is AWESOME! The Lone Fir team also understands and applies the StoryBrand framework with ease and an added bonus is that they know and work within HubSpot!”

Jennifer Pasquier

Sr. Marketing Manager | POPULUS GROUP

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The Badges We Wear Proudly

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StoryBrand Certified Agency

Messaging + Structure

Business is a story. Your customer is the hero, and your brand is the guide that helps them succeed. This is the essence of the StoryBrand Framework. It’s how we approach everything we do because it’s a proven method that works.


HubSpot Platinum Partner

Strategy + Technical

If you win in digital marketing, you’re likely using HubSpot. That’s why we put so much value into mastering HubSpot through a robust certification tool belt.

Our Promise to You

You have our word that we’re setting you up for success, and successful inbound strategies are built upon the following principles.

  • Transparent Interactions

    In our experience, nothing gets done when there's a lack of trust between marketers and clients. We make every effort to be as transparent as possible, so you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. 

  • Driven by Data

    We all have a gut reaction to what works and what doesn't, but the truth is, we won't really know until we test it. We track and report on successes and failures so we can constantly improve marketing performance.

  • We're Invested in Your Success 

    We love seeing our clients' businesses thrive, and we're invested in helping you get there. You'll have access to a dedicated Marketing Consultant who will be with you through every step of your project.

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