Strategy Services

Every successful brand or product launch, website redesign and marketing campaign is backed by collective insight, research, planning, and foresight around the specific challenges that need to be solved, aka — strategy.

Good Strategy Solves Problems Before They Begin


As with any effective solution, identifying the correct problem is the starting point. We will analyze your current models, positioning and strategies, and compare them to your targets to find underperforming areas and promising opportunities.

Channel + Concept Identification

A vague, general presence in every channel will do little for your brand awareness and revenue. We will guide you in developing a strong presence in the spaces that are fit for your brand, so your efforts are focused and fruitful.

Development Planning

For every strategic marketing initiative we advise, we will provide a clear roadmap of implementation that ensures precise and effective execution.

Strategy Services

We help position your brand in compelling ways and make you impossible to ignore.

  • Positioning
  • Product/Service Launch
  • Creative Campaigns
  • GTM Strategy
  • Branding/Rebranding
  • Customer Journey

You've tried lots of things but nothing's really sticking and you're not sure where you should be putting your efforts. We’ll do a deep dive into the performance of your past marketing efforts and look at how we can help you hit your short- and long-term growth goals for the short- and long-term.

  • Website Performance Audit
  • Persona Development
  • Blog Content Audit
  • Audit of Marketing Platform
  • Competitor SEO Analysis
  • Review of Paid Advertising History

“How is my website really performing?” There are a number of places to start but our assessment focuses those efforts so we're spending time and energy where it matters, so your website visitors end up living on your pages.

  • Three Homepage Design Mockups
  • Website Performance Audit
  • Homepage Wireframe
  • Competitor SEO Analysis
  • Website Copy Audit
  • Site Plan + Userflows

Insights Don’t Fall Out of the Sky

We use these tools to uncover objective metrics about your brand and marketing efforts.

Active Campaign
Google Analytics
BrightLocal (2)

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Marketing Agency

“You’re a genius!” Is probably what your boss is going to say to you after you use this guide to find an agency that can support your marketing goals. Or, if you’re the one calling the shots you can just pat yourself on the back.

20210617-The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Marketing Agency-Mockup-cropped

A Client’s Point of View

We knew we needed expert advice on marketing. We also knew we didn't know enough to know what to ask for help with. The most important thing for us was finding someone who took the time to understand our business and how it should be marketed —graphically, copy, and most importantly, the story. Without making us feel like we didn't understand our own business, this team walked us through the correct way to build a narrative and brand. The experience was far more personal than I would have guessed. As corny as it sounds, they seeks to understand the soul of a company before trying to promote them.
Sean Morgan | Business Development / Partner
investorkeep logo
I'm so grateful to the Lone Fir Creative team! Now that we're live with the new site, it's performing better, people are complimenting us and more importantly, it's driving real business value. The Lone Fir Team is talented, they're actually fun and they'll get you to a great place where you'll be proud of what you're doing online.
Todd Earwood
Founder + CEO

Our Most Popular Offerings

Brand Strategy

For brands that need big ideas and long-term direction

  • Brand Strategy Assessment
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Positioning
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Customer Journey + Experience Development
Marketing Strategy

For brands that need tactical planning

  • Technology Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Digital Experience Audit
  • 3-6 Month Tactical Execution Plan
  • Audit Reports
  • Suggested Channel Investments
Website Strategy

Best for brands launching a new website

  • Current Website Performance
  • Technology Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Sitemap + User Flow
  • Site Recommendations Based on Company Goals
  • 3 Options for Design Direction

Stand Out. Bring More People In.

Are you struggling to differentiate your brand and attract new customers? Let’s talk about ways we can tackle those challenges and come up with creative solutions.