Brand Messaging

The right words will win you more customers.


You Need a Clear Message That Compels.

Get a Clear + Compelling Message

Your brand message will be easy for people to understand and make it obvious to them why doing business with you is the best option.

Keep Messaging Consistent

You’ll have a foundational core message to use at every touchpoint you have with customers. No matter the situation, you’ll always know what to say and how to say it.

Use Your New Messaging Immediately

Not only will you have a core message to build all of your brand communication on, you’ll have crafted wording to immediately implement throughout your entire business — from your social pages and website to sales emails and business cards.


You need a crystal clear message that compels people to do business with you.


Don't Lose Business With the Wrong Words

Words are the cornerstone of every customer interaction you have. Be it to inform, persuade or entertain — words will always be the crux. So they should help your business. But for many brands, the words they use (or fail to use) are costing them business every day. And they don’t even realize it.

If your customers don’t know how you make their life better, they have no reason to do business with you. They need to quickly and clearly understand how you solve their problem. And to do that, you need the right words. 

Don't continue losing business by using the wrong words. Our team will create a clear and compelling message for your brand to use in any situation. People will understand how you help them, and therefore, they will trust you with their business.


How We Do It


The Process

Messaging Workshop

In an interview-style conversation, you’ll tell us all about the vision you have for your brand. In two hours or less, we’ll have all the insight we need to go to work.

Craft Your Message

Within a week, our team of wordsmiths will develop a cohesive message for your brand, along with fresh copy geared toward your website.

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Put It to Work

Your core message becomes the filter for every piece of brand collateral going forward. And every word we write is yours to keep and ready to use within every area of your business.

What's Included


Effective brand messaging built from the ground up.

  • Core Message

    Your core message is like a brand guideline, only for words instead of colors. These cornerstone pieces — audience, voice, tone, etc. — influence every area of communication within your business.

  • Brand Message at Work

    Crafted words for a killer message. Think value props, sales letters, taglines — all that good stuff. 

Standard Options

The Extras

Whether you’re building your brand from the ground up or are a veteran in your industry — we offer the fabric you’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition.

Additional Copy

With your new brand message, you’ll have plenty of copy to immediately implement throughout your business. Chances are, though, you’ll want more compelling copy to fill the rest of your web pages. Fortunately, you can count on us for finely-tuned wordsmithing.

Original Content

Content is a non-negotiable part of any winning marketing plan. But keeping up with blogs, PDF downloads, eBooks and all the rest can be daunting. So when you have new leads to attract or new customers to nurture, call on us. Our expert writers will deliver fresh content born to build traffic.

Service-Specific Messaging

An overarching brand message will springboard the growth of your business. But many companies have various offerings that each solve a particular problem. Ergo, they each need their own unique story crafted to tell the world how they make life better.

You Don’t Have to Choose Us, But Here’s Why You Should

After realizing that the words we use are the most crucial aspect of growing our company, we developed a simple approach to crafting a clear core message that makes it easy to win business. Through that effort, we have gone on to craft impactful brand messaging for a wide variety of industries. 

From tech startups and consumer brands to higher education and healthcare, we have written clear and compelling messages for over 60 different brands.

“Since 2016 LFC has guided us in identifying who our main customers are, developing strategies around them and educating us on sales and marketing. They are our go-to in all things digital marketing." 

Karla Shaw

Marketing Director | WEATHERLY INN

“The Lone Fir team is AWESOME! The Lone Fir team also understands and applies the StoryBrand framework with ease and an added bonus is that they know and work within HubSpot!”

Jennifer Pasquier

Sr. Marketing Manager | POPULUS GROUP

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StoryBrand Certified

The Badges We Wear Proudly

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Business is a story. Your customer is the hero, and your brand is the guide that helps them succeed. This is the essence of the StoryBrand Framework. Being a StoryBrand Certified Agency means we’re trusted experts in creating clear, customer-focused messaging that helps you grow your business.

Our Promise to You

In your journey to creating a better business, we give you the tools you need to win.

  • Unmatched Value

    Without a doubt, the best thing you can do to improve your business immediately is learn how to talk to your customers. Every other aspect of your business rests on your core message.

  • The Right Message

    Your customers only care about one thing — how you make their life better. We craft a customer-focused brand message that will earn you trust with the right people, which means more business. 

  • Collaborative Review

    Our job isn’t complete until we’ve captured your vision perfectly. Through a multi-revision process, we work together to ensure every word is just right.


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You need a crystal clear message that compels people to do business with you.

What's Next?

A Place for Your Message to Live

Your message is crystal clear, but how’s your website? As the forever home of your brand message, your website should be a prized selling machine. The layout should feel seamless and float customers down a sales-driven river. The design should feel like a digital retreat amongst the chaotic sea of cookie-cutter sites. If it’s not, you need a website design + development makeover.