What to Look for in a HubSpot Website Developer

By Tyler Pigott on January 11, 2019

Once you’ve made the decision to build your new website on the HubSpot CMS platform, your next step will be to find a website development company with HubSpot experience. HubSpot’s platform uses a unique system that’s quite different from WordPress and other platforms.

The system has many advantages, but you don’t want to pay a developer with no HubSpot experience to spend time figuring out how the platform works. Neither do you want a developer who knows HubSpot but lacks a sense of design or doesn’t understand user experience. It can be tough to know which development company will be able to deliver a well-built website that does the job you need it to do. In this post, we’ll share what you should be looking for in a HubSpot website developer.

Essentials to Look for in a HubSpot Developer

Your developer doesn’t need to be a superhero, but they do need to have five essentials that highly correlate with successful website production.

1. A Strong Portfolio

When it comes to development, a portfolio is one of the most important clues to the quality of the developer. Do you like what you see in the developer’s portfolio? Do you see a range of styles that represents the developer’s flexibility? What types of projects do you see? Are they similar to the one you’re planning?

Also consider the complexity of the sites. If you need more robust functionality than a standard brochure-style site, you want a developer who has experience building this type of site. What features do you see in the websites in the developer’s portfolio? Are they features that take advantage of the HubSpot platform and what it has to offer?

2. Happy Customers

Dig into the developer’s reviews. Do customers find their websites easy to use? What kind of boost in conversions did they see after the new site launched? What kind of support did the developer offer? How committed has the developer been to the customers’ ongoing success? What about follow up? Is the developer responsive? Did the developer quickly fix any bugs that appeared after launch?

Do your due diligence to find out if testimonials are real. Are they accompanied by real names and photos? Or do the testimonials sound fabricated, with no attribution? Even better, reach out to current customers to ask a few questions. Most people will be happy to give you five minutes on the phone, especially if they’re happy with their new website.

3. An Understanding of UX Principles

A website won’t be successful without a good user experience (UX). Prospects should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly, should be able to easily see elements on the page no matter what device they’re using, and should be able to quickly understand how various elements on the page function to complete various actions. If your site is frustrating to use, prospects will simply hit the back button and head to a competitor’s site.

There are many UX best practices that contribute to a site that provides a good user experience. Your developer should have a thorough understanding of these principles and have demonstrated the ability to integrate them into their website designs.

4. An Understanding of Marketing

Ideally, your developer will also understand marketing. Your site will need a compelling message that resonates specifically with your target audience. It will need a strategic plan for how prospects will move through possible paths in their journey through your site. Your developer should also have a conversion strategy for each page.

Additionally, the developer should include on-page SEO optimization of your metadata, page structure, and content so your site pages have the best chance at showing up when your prospects are searching for your services. While on-page optimization is only one part of SEO, it’s foundational. Without it, your pages won’t rank well.

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5. HubSpot Certified

HubSpot offers a certification course called Growth Driven Design that covers everything from how to develop a website strategy to website optimization. While lack of certification certainly doesn’t mean that the developer is incompetent, having this certification ensures that they’re committed to the platform and have a thorough understanding of the HubSpot methodology and how your website fits into the overall system.

What to Ask Developers You’re Considering

When you’re talking with potential partners to build your HubSpot website, there are a few questions you should ask that will help you evaluate their ability to craft a quality website that converts prospects to customers.

  • What types of experts do you have on your team? You should look for a team that includes marketing strategists, UX specialists, design specialists, and conversion-focused copywriters. You want a well-rounded team with expertise and experience.
  • What types of certifications and training do your team members have? Here, you’re looking for HubSpot certifications as well as marketing certifications and, depending on how complex your site’s functionality needs to be, other programming certifications.
  • What experience does your team have? What have you built? Look for broad experience as well as experience in your industry. If the company has both types of experience, they’ll understand your business as well as be able to bring insights from other industries into your project.
  • What is your process? You want a company that has a clearly defined process that’s organized and efficient. The company should also be committed to providing regularly-scheduled progress updates.
  • Do you provide ongoing support? If so, what does that entail? You need a partner that can advise you on how to get the most from your new site. You’ll likely benefit from other marketing services, especially if you have a small marketing team in-house. Find out how much help you can get from the companies you’re considering.

Take your time with your upfront research before hiring a HubSpot developer. Any time you invest now will pay off multiple times over later on. You’ll avoid ending up with a site that doesn’t perform well or with a partner that’s frustrating to work with. Instead, you’ll enjoy the process and see real results from your new site.

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