Review of Business Made Simple University

By Danny Knesek on November 12, 2019

What is Business Made Simple University?

If people don't develop themselves, their career suffers. Business Made Simple creates the online business courses you need to thrive because every human deserves a chance to succeed.

Their online university teaches the basic business skills every knowledge-worker needs to know to bring in more revenue to the company they work for. When people take classes from Business Made Simple University, their worth in the marketplace skyrockets.

Business Made Simple exists because if people develop themselves, they are more likely to succeed in life and work

TL;DR Takeaways

Business Made Simple University will help you further your career, grow your business, and make more money. You'll learn how to create sound sales funnels, give your company bigger vision and direction, lead your team to healthier lives and culture, and create clear messaging that grows your bottom line.

Where did BMS come from?


Business Made Simple recognized there was a need not being met in the workforce. People working in their careers needed to develop their skills so that they could make more money, receive promotions, and accomplish more with the work they were doing. 

Companies needed that for them as well, but often there isn't enough money left in the profit-margin to provide a substantial employee development program. Donald Miller and the Business Made Simple team have created their platform to fill in that gap for the workforce at large.

What's the difference between StoryBrand and BMS?

Whereas StoryBrand focused all of its resources on developing the messaging and marketing strategies of companies, Business Made Simple has a much larger vision in mind. They plan on covering all aspects of business, from marketing to personal development, business formation, and beyond.

They will be adding more courses over time, but for now, the StoryBrand Messaging Framework, Marketing Made Simple, Mission Statement Made Simple, and Enneagram Made Simple are all available for you to use to develop yourself, your team, and your company right now.

What is the StoryBrand Framework?


The StoryBrand Framework course will walk you through the StoryBrand 7-part Framework that will help clarify your message in your marketing. Too often, business owners are too close to their business, so they use confusing, vague, and elusive language in their marketing, which ends up turning customers away.

The SB7 Framework will teach you how to add clarity to your message and use the right words that will make you money instead of slow down your growth.

We've written some articles in the past about the StoryBrand Framework. Find out how to get the most out of the StoryBrand Framework and follow these three steps to clarify your message.

What is Marketing Made Simple?


According to Dr. J.J. Peterson, the companies that apply the StoryBrand Framework at as many levels in their marketing as possible are the ones who make the most money. A message is only valuable if people hear it.

The Marketing Made Simple course will teach you the best way to scale your business, which is through the use of sales funnels. A sales funnel is comprised of five essential building blocks that you can place in your marketing strategies to multiply the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The five building blocks of a sales funnel are a one-liner, a wire-framed website, a lead generating PDF (or other tools), an email nurture sequence, and finally, an email sales sequence. When these five tools come together, then every one of your inbound and outbound marketing efforts can point to your sales funnel, and you'll start watching your revenue grow. 

This is a good time for a shameless plug: if you want to build a sales funnel built on data and designed tailored-fit to your company, then schedule a call with Lone Fir Creative now.

What is Mission Statement Made Simple?


The Mission Statement Made Simple online course is all about internal communication or even business formation. If you own your own business or plan on owning your own business, this is the online course for you. A lot of times, companies get started without a clear vision of where they want to take the company, what the culture is supposed to be, or what their more critical purpose in the world is.

The MSMS course will take you through the foundations of creating a mission statement as well as a story pitch (similar to how screenwriters in Hollywood do it), and you'll walk away with a vision of where you want the company to go. This will help you create business plans, hire and promote employees into roles, help define those roles, stop wasting time on tasks that don't push the needle, and figure out what individual business processes should be. 

Personally, this course made a significant impact on me. As a small business owner running side projects, I was overwhelmed with all of the decisions and tasks I had to perform. With the help of the MSMS online course, I was able to find a position and a role here within Lone Fir Creative that allowed me to act on my critical actions and key characteristics (terms you'll learn in the course). 

What is Enneagram Made Simple?


My personal favorite! I'm a sucker for all things self-awareness and personality. 

The Enneagram is a tool that you can use to help your team put language to their internal motivations, behaviors, feelings, and fears so that you can become a team that has a lot of chemistry. A lot of us know what these things are, but have a hard time putting them into words so that others have to go through this trial and error process to figure us out.

The Enneagram helps cut that process by providing language that everyone understands and can get along with. Led by Ian Cron, the Enneagram Made Simple course is the solution to developing your team's culture, chemistry, and, honestly, their mental health. 

Right now, we're going through our own exercise in the Enneagram. Last month, the team went through some training and introspection to figure out what each of our numbers are. We're using our Enneagram results as a way to create "user manuals" for each of us so that we all know how to communicate to, how to encourage, and know what buttons not to press.

As an Enneagram 5 (with a 4 wing), I thrive in situations where I get to investigate a ton of information and then use what I've learned to create something better, such as writing this blog!

Why does BMS exist?


Generally speaking, Business Made Simple aims to develop the workforce at large to create better products, better companies, better solutions, and a better world. Business Made Simple exists because if people develop themselves, they are more likely to succeed in life and work. 

Business Made Simple is for every type of company you can imagine, and has worked for everyone. For-profit or non-profit, small business or enterprise, solopreneurs, or Fortune 500 CEOs, Business Made Simple is for everybody.

How much does BMS cost?

Business Made Simple offers all of its courses at $275 per person per year. On Cyber Monday, they are offering a Buy One Get One deal, so if you've been on the fence about getting the course, this is your chance to pull the trigger. If you're wondering if Business Made Simple is worth it, then the short answer is yes. It's worth it. 

Visit Business Made Simple's website for more information on the courses and how to get access.


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Danny Knesek
Danny Knesek
Companies fall short of clear communication in their marketing because they haven't clearly defined their brand. Without a clearly defined brand, they often don't know who they are, can't articulate why they matter and don't have the confidence to grow their business. Through a series of questions and a system of frameworks, I help these companies figure out what their brand is so that we can build and execute marketing strategies that are clear, engaging, and exciting. When this happens, companies can move forward with the confidence and vision needed to grow and thrive. When companies know who they are and why they exist, they become free to believe in, to love, and to grow their business.

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