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Danny Knesek
Danny Knesek

01.14.2020 | 11 min read

A lot of people have read the book "Building A StoryBrand," taken the StoryBrand online courses, or attended the StoryBrand workshop. Still, unless you know what you're looking for, then it's hard to find examples of great StoryBrand websites online.

So, we've reached out to the StoryBrand community to ask them about the sites they've created. We asked questions about how they solved their customer's problems, developed clear messaging that increased website visitors, turned potential customers into buyers, and got them on the first page of Google.

This guide is for small business owners, business leaders or anyone else that wants to apply StoryBrand to their website to improve SEO, clearly communicate their brand message, get people to download their PDF, and the like.

Now, assuming you’re looking for tons of helpful examples of how to implement StoryBrand into your different marketing assets, keep scrolling.

Table of Contents

StoryBrand as a One-Liner

StoryBrand as a Website Header

StoryBrand as a Lead Generator

StoryBrand as a Full Homepage

StoryBrand as a Brand Video

StoryBrand as a One-Liner

The one-liner is the foundational tool that every StoryBrand Guide is going to recommend for you to start applying StoryBrand to your marketing. The one-liner hits three notes in your marketing: it introduces a problem, offers a solution and provides a vision of future success.

For example, if you’re chatting with one of the rad folks here at Lone Fir Creative, you might hear them say, “The one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategies you’ve tried haven’t worked. We pinpoint your unique challenge and work with you to get the growth result you’ve been working toward.”

The one-liner is appropriate in almost every situation, and you can use it in dozens of ways. For example:

  • Use it as the intro to your keynotes and speeches
  • Open up conversations with it at networking events and cocktail parties
  • On your next Facebook ad, use it as the post text
  • Insert it on your homepage to support your main marketing message
  • Get a voiceover file and use it in a Pandora or broadcast radio ad

Let's take a look at a few examples from the StoryBrand community.

The Gathering Inc.

Created by StoryBrand Certified Guide: 

Jackie Martin

Iron Nettle


Specializations: “We work with small and mid-market companies that are going through a digital transformation. We also work with select non-profits.”

storybrand website example  the gathering


About The Gathering Inc.

“What made this such a challenge is The Gathering has existed for eight years but needed to mature. They needed to 'arrive' and define who they are, getting out of just word-of-mouth and relationship-building. But, they did MANY things. We spent over two months developing their core messaging, 'products' they 'sell,' and their one-year marketing plan. We're proud of where they landed.”

How has the StoryBrand Framework helped your client be more successful?

“Their site will be done in the next two weeks, but they're already using it. They've landed two podcast interviews and multiple presentations. It's already elevating them to the next phase of their growth.”

What would you say to someone who's evaluating the StoryBrand Framework for their new website?

“Are you trying to connect with today's consumer? The world has changed because digital changed it. In the past, power was with the company. Today, power has shifted to the consumer. They have more choices now than ever before. Shifting your story to their story will allow your organization to change too. StoryBrand is a proven framework to help you with this shift.”

Anything else you'd share about how StoryBrand has helped your clients succeed (in general)?

“When you know who you are and you can tell your entire organization who you are, you unify what you are doing. Unification brings efficiency, excitement and focus. We've been able to see dying companies revitalized, founders excited again, and new customers reached.”

StoryBrand as a Website Header

If you have hung around StoryBrand long enough, you’ve probably heard Donald Miller talk about the Grunt Test.

What is the Grunt Test? It’s a way for you to double-check if the header of your website is doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s the most valuable real estate on your entire site, and you have about five seconds to convince someone that the rest of your website is worth reading.

The Grunt Test answers three basic questions:

  • What are you offering me?
  • How will it make my life better?
  • What do I have to do to get it?

If you can answer those three simple questions, and ONLY those questions, above the fold of your website, then you have a powerful header.

R3 Coaching

Created by StoryBrand Certified Guide: 

Rob Hughes

R3 Coaching


Specializations: “We work with Christian Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors, typically in the sub $10M revenue space.”

storybrand website example r3 coaching


How has the StoryBrand Framework helped you as a guide to be more successful?

“I wake up. I see leads that have been captured, qualified, and ask for a call. Then I call them, and life is good. :)”

What would you say to someone who's evaluating the StoryBrand Framework for their new website?

“Stop overthinking it. The StoryBrand Framework is a tool to make sure you're speaking clearly so ideal clients listen. Just do it. #DropTheMic”

StoryBrand as a Lead Generator

Imagine you’re at a cocktail party. You see a beautiful person across the room. You want to go talk to them, so you make your approach.

Now, do you:

  1. Drop down on one knee and ask them to marry you?
  2. Start telling them all about yourself and how great you are?
  3. Tell them all the inside jokes you have with your friends?
  4. Ask them questions, show interest, and ask them out on a first date?

It’s D. The answer is D. If anyone tells you it isn’t D, then they aren't a good friend to you (and likely make people feel extremely uncomfortable).

Unfortunately for most companies, they’re doing everything but "D" on their websites. Asking for the sale too soon in the process is like asking someone you don’t know to marry you. Not only will you get a “no,” but you might also get a restraining order (Okay, you might not get a restraining order for trying to sell too soon, but you'll lose that opportunity, which is just as a bad as a restraining order — right?)

Companies make the mistake of talking all about how great they are, how many awards they’ve won, and how long they’ve been in business when the customer just wants to know if you understand what their problem is and know how to fix it

Also, too many brands flood their websites with insider language and jargon. Make it simple for your customers! Don’t tell me about your solution for integrating interconnected transmutation channels across streamlined instances. Tell me about how your app auto translates Slack messages into different languages (I just made that up, and I’m going out and getting the patent right now so back off).

Insert — the lead generator. The lead generator is your opportunity to ask your customer on a first date. On your website, you let them know that you’ve taken the time to get to know them. You’ve identified a common problem that most people have, and now you have created a guide they can have for FREE that will help them solve that problem today.

The catch is, you need their email address. It seems like a simple thing, but people are as willing to trade their email address for something as they are to spend $10-15. So you need to make sure your lead generator does a few things.

  • Clearly identify a tangible problem in the customer’s life.
  • Show them how to solve that problem.
  • Be memorable.
  • Build trust and authority.
  • Call the user into a deeper relationship with you.

Partners in Aviation

Created by StoryBrand Certified Guide: 

Brandon Sok

OneTeam Marketing


storybrand website example aviation


About Partners in Aviation

“Partners in Aviation matches two co-owners to split the acquisition and fixed costs of an aircraft, under a unique structure and sharing model. The first step in the process is a 45-minute consultation, but many prospects found this to be too large of a commitment. Our research found that candidates would be interested if there were real co-ownership opportunities to review as opposed to the concept of co-ownership. We created the 'Find Opportunities Near Me' page as a low commitment first step that prospects can take. They submit their information, and Partners in Aviation responds with details on co-ownership opportunities relevant to their geography and aircraft of interest.”

How has the StoryBrand Framework helped your client be more successful?

“Implementing the StoryBrand Framework brought clarity to the complicated messaging of the client, and in turn, increased qualified leads.”

What would you say to someone who's evaluating the StoryBrand Framework for their new website?

“In my opinion, creating a website without the StoryBrand Framework is equivalent to driving at night without headlights.”

StoryBrand as a Full Homepage

So, you’ve seen the StoryBrand Framework broken up into individual pieces, but now we’re going to feature full homepages for you to see how it all comes together!

The StoryBranded version of a homepage has a formula, but a lot of StoryBrand alumni have taken creative license when applying it to their clients. The result is a swath of websites that are beautiful and fun to go through without having to sacrifice clarity at all.

You will see some common themes across the home pages, though, and the StoryBrand BrandScript inspires all of them. Once you’ve clarified your marketing message, it’s easy to see how you can start applying your messaging into marketing collateral.

Common themes include:

  • A clearly defined external problem that the customer is experiencing, the internal problem of how that makes them feel, and a philosophical problem explaining what that's wrong
  • A clearly defined offer or value proposition that's in line with what the customer wants
  • A section that positions the company as the guide who understands how the customer feels and knows how to help them
  • Testimonials that prove their authority
  • A three- or four-step plan to remove the friction of purchasing
  • A call-to-action button heavily repeated throughout the page
  • A transitional call-to-action to build trust and authority before asking for the purchase
  • A vision of success after doing business with the company
  • Description of what’s at stake if the customer doesn’t purchase from the company

Accounting Complete

Created by StoryBrand Certified Guide: 

Matt Banker

Banker Creative


Specializations: “Not specifically, but we have worked with a lot of accounting/CPA firms.”

storybrand website example


About Accounting Complete

“Many accounting firms have separate websites for their accounting services and payroll services. This client needed two Storybranded sites that had a similar design and aligned messaging but felt distinct. Their sister site is payroll-complete.com.”

How has the StoryBrand Framework helped your client be more successful?

“The framework helped differentiate the messaging for two businesses while still clearly communicating both offerings.”

What would you say to someone who's evaluating the StoryBrand Framework for their new website?

“StoryBrand is great for word-of-mouth marketing. When you have a solid one-liner, it’s easier for people to share your services.”

Home Experts

Created by StoryBrand Certified Guide: 

David McArdle

Indy Web Designers


Specializations: “Small businesses.”

storybrand website example home experts


About Home Experts

“This is a general contractor in Indianapolis that is an actual trusted company that provides amazing service. Their old site was outdated and didn't have any narrative or call-to-action. This new site has already increased their monthly leads.”

How has the StoryBrand Framework helped your client be more successful?

“A clear call-to-action on the website has been huge for them. We tied the button into software they were already using, so they love this new feature to book an appointment.”

What would you say to someone who's evaluating the StoryBrand Framework for their new website?

“Request a video review from a Certified StoryBrand Guide! Get suggestions from the pros who do this every day!”

Anything else you'd share about how StoryBrand has helped your clients succeed (in general)?

“We love sharing StoryBrand with clients who have never heard of StoryBrand but know they need a new framework to design their new website.”

Wilderness Athlete

Created by StoryBrand Certified Guide: 

Jena Gribble

Blush Cactus Boutique Design Studio


storybrand website example wilderness-athlete


About Wilderness Athlete

“We took this client's existing brand (which was already good) and implemented their BrandScript on their homepage. They were looking to get more clear on what they offer and how to communicate the problems they solve to their customers. The week they set the new site live, they saw a 14% increase in their conversions over the same week the previous year. So cool!”

How has the StoryBrand Framework helped your client be more successful?

“They look at most things through the StoryBrand lens now. They have a few subsidiary companies, and we are StoryBranding every one of them.”

What would you say to someone who's evaluating the StoryBrand Framework for their new website?

“Give it a shot! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!”

Anything else you'd share about how StoryBrand has helped your clients succeed (in general)?

“StoryBrand has helped many of my clients get rid of verbal and visual clutter that makes their message messy and hard to understand. It helps them avoid the curse of knowledge and sell their products and services by focusing on the customer problem and how they can guide them to win and be successful.”

Stay Dry Solutions

Created by StoryBrand Certified Guide: 

Chris Bourland

Quill & Lens


storybrand website example stay-dry-solutions


About Stay Dry Solutions

“Stay Dry Solutions, a roofing company in Spokane, Washington, wanted to grow their business, plain and simple. To do that, they needed a website with a clear and powerful message, one that spoke to their customers' real needs, fears and dreams.”

How has the StoryBrand Framework helped your client be more successful?

“The hard part of any business is relating your value in a way a customer will understand, appreciate and engage with. StoryBrand makes it simple by placing your organization in its natural place within the customer's own story. No tricks, no gimmicks, just the true story of how your company can help them solve a problem. It's a powerful and responsible way to sell your value, no matter what you do.”

What would you say to someone who's evaluating the StoryBrand Framework for their new website?

“StoryBrand works, not because it's a brand new concept, but because it's as old and as powerful as time itself. Humans have been enriching, enlightening, persuading and inspiring one another through stories for thousands of years. Learning where you fit in your customer's story —the story that's most important to them — is the key to creating happy and enthusiastic fans for your brand.”

Anything else you'd share about how StoryBrand has helped your clients succeed (in general)?

“StoryBrand doesn't just help small- or medium-sized businesses. One of my clients, a nationwide lighting and electrical contractor, has committed themselves completely to the StoryBrand framework. Almost every piece of collateral they create started as a BrandScript. In 2016, before discovering StoryBrand, they cracked half a billion in revenue for the first time in their nearly-four decades of existence. Now, just three years later, they will hit $700M in revenue. It's impossible to overstate how powerful this framework is.”

Bowman Fly Fishing

Created by StoryBrand Certified Guide: 

Evan Knox

Caffeine Marketing


Specializations: “Small and established companies who are familiar with StoryBrand”

storybrand website examplebowman-fly-flishing

About Bowman Fly Fishing

“Bowman Fly Fishing is in the recreational fishing industry. Bowman wanted to increase the number of conversions on their website, and improve the perceived value of their service through StoryBranding their layout and messaging."

How has the StoryBrand Framework helped your client be more successful?

“By the 5th of August, we had quadrupled the entire month’s revenue of the previous year.”


What would you say to someone who's evaluating the StoryBrand Framework for their new website?

“The StoryBrand Framework is the single most effective tool in helping your customers understand what you do and how it will make their lives better.”

Anything else you'd share about how StoryBrand has helped your clients succeed (in general)?

“Using StoryBrand has given my clients more confidence in communicating what they do, which in turn helps them close more sales.”

StoryBrand as a Brand Video

Finally, the Pièce De Résistance of the marketing world (in my opinion) — video. Video is a powerful tool that companies should incorporate into their website if they have the resources available. On average, landing pages with video convert 30% more than pages without it, and if you do it right, it can be as high as 80% (EyeView). 

Based on our experience, video typically has one of the highest production costs associated with it, but it also has the lowest cost per engagement. This means that even though you spend a bunch to get it made, a ton of eyes are going to be on it.

And let’s face it (or rather, I need to face it). No one really reads anymore. Podcasts and audiobooks are trending because of it. Your brand video can say the same you’re saying on your homepage and in your sales calls, but in a more engaging way. It communicates more of your brand and holds close to 100% customer attention, rather than the fraction they’d have when reading.

Put it on your homepage, send it after a sales call in the recap email, let it be your cold audience Facebook ad, whatever you want. There’s not a wrong time to share a well-made brand video.


Created by StoryBrand Certified Guide: 

Joshua Gott

Joshua's Personal Website




About Wealthquest

“The client is Wealthquest. They're a full-service financial advisory (they handle investment management, tax, financial planning and estate management with a full-time staff all under one roof). This business model has spawned massive growth over the last ten years (named in the top 300 RA’s in the country by Financial Times, fastest growing in Ohio, #25 in the country by Investment News, one of only 315 advisories in the country managing over a billion dollars in assets). They attribute this rapid growth to their all-in-one business model and the customer pains it addresses.

Most prospects assume they're just like every other financial advisory, but their business model sets them apart in how it delivers high value to their clients. When people see the model clearly, they always choose WQ over the competition. The purpose of the video was to quickly explain the model/value prop to generate leads and win new clients.”

How has the StoryBrand Framework helped your client be more successful?

“By leading with the customer desire and obstacle, they're able to clearly illustrate what sets them apart (as opposed to leading with awards and accolades which don't speak directly to their differentiation).”

What would you say to someone who's evaluating the StoryBrand Framework for their new website?

“You'll learn more about the clarity and effectiveness of your site by paying a total stranger twenty dollars to sit next to you and look at your site for the first time while you ask pointed questions than you will in hours of internal discussion and debate. You and your internal team are the worst judges of the clarity of your own site. Trust outsiders.”

brand messaging services - b
Danny Knesek

Danny Knesek

Companies fall short of clear communication in their marketing because they haven't clearly defined their brand. Without a clearly defined brand, they often don't know who they are, can't articulate why they matter and don't have the confidence to grow their business. Through a series of questions and a system of frameworks, I help these companies figure out what their brand is so that we can build and execute marketing strategies that are clear, engaging, and exciting. When this happens, companies can move forward with the confidence and vision needed to grow and thrive. When companies know who they are and why they exist, they become free to believe in, to love, and to grow their business.