StoryBrand Website Examples We Love (and Why)

Frank Rocchio on January 22, 2021

Since the release of Building a StoryBrand in 2017, businesses across the world have latched onto Donald Miller's StoryBrand Framework to bring clarity and alignment to their marketing. Marketing agencies and contractors alike have found it a must-have tool to quickly and effectively develop clear brand messaging for clients, enabling them to set up an effective website and digital presence. We've seen it not only provide clear and concise messaging for our clients' audience, but also bring alignment to their team and vision. 

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Ok, now down to business. We've been in the StoryBrand community for a long time, and we'd like to highlight some of the top StoryBrand website examples produced by other StoryBrand Certified Guides. Hopefully, it provides you with inspiration and motivation to implement the StoryBrand Framework in your company. 

StoryBrand Website Examples 

Indulge Right

Indulge Right storybrand website example

Credit: We Make Stuff Happen (Lindsay Carlson)

If you couldn't tell what they do solely from their name, Indulge Right's website doesn't let you ponder long before you're salivating. Their caramel-drizzled header immediately leads your eye to words you could eat: "Indulge without Compromise." As a sweet tooth, I was sold already. But those with a bit more self-control may have been skeptical enough to scroll into the sections below that clearly state what they offer, you in case you still had any questions. 

For the first course: "Scrumptious foods for healthy living. Because great choices can still be sweet." They deliver line after line that would make a believer out of anyone that sweets can be healthy — if you indulge in their products (you know we had to get that pun in somewhere). 

Ultimately, they nailed their messaging. And it's guaranteed they will never lose business due to confusion or complexity. They know exactly what they do, and so does anyone who reads their site.

Test it out for yourself —>

(Helpful tip: make sure you've eaten first).


So what's the lesson? Make sure you're message is crystal clear. If you use the StoryBrand Framework, you should easily answer the following questions in your messaging: 

1. What do you do?

2. How do you do to make people's lives better? 

3. Why should they do business with you instead of anyone else? 

Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah

Utah Lighting storybrand website example

Credit: Paige Worthy and Blush Cactus Design (website design)

Before applying the StoryBrand Framework to their business, Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah’s (we'll use 'UtahLights' going forward for everyone's sake) website copy and design was anything but bright. It dimly showcased the elegance of their work. It also failed to communicate how hands-on the company is in helping people translate their vision into a true design that comes to life. 

Paige Worthy got to work illuminating the problem that UtahLights' customers were facing, and how they were addressing it. Namely, if people have an outdoor space that feels dull and uninviting, UtahLights' eye for detail and luxury can fix it. The StoryBrand Framework provided simple and concise messaging for their homepage. It transformed their Services page to feel less like "Can I take your order?" and more "Let's work together to create something special."

Looking at this hero section, I not only know what they do and the value they offer right away, I feel compelled to take action. 

A note from Paige Worthy

“A compelling website with a clear message can make ALL the difference in introducing your brand to your ideal customer. This client has seen a massive increase in year-over-year outreach and sales since the launch of the new site — all because folks now understand the intrinsic value of what amazing lighting can do in their landscape, as well as the role Utah Lights can play in bringing that to life.” 

And finally, we have to give a shout out for this beautiful one-liner: 

Too many homeowners invest in beautiful, high-end outdoor landscapes but settle for basic landscape lighting — because they haven't seen what a difference customized lighting can make.

We design and install artful landscape lighting to help you transform your outdoor-living spaces into the serene sanctuary you've always envisioned.


Great StoryBrand messaging not only communicates clearly but also considers the connotations of every word used in headline copy. This is what creates not just a clear message, but a compelling one. 

TCHEM Industrial Services

TCHEM storybrand website example

Credit: Structured to Grow

Words are a double-edged sword. Use the right ones, and you can change the world if you wanted to; use the wrong ones, and you could get 'canceled' apparently. 

For TCHEM Industrial Services, the stakes were a bit lower, but they still faced a real problem for their business: not being able to put clear and compelling words to what they do. Of course, once they adopted the StoryBranded Framework, that problem was washed away. Even if you know nothing about their industry, you immediately know what they do, their unique focus and how they're different from their competitors.  

Go see their new website for yourself: If we were placing bets, I'd put money on it that you know how they can help you in less than ten seconds. Seriously, go check it out real quick; we'll meet back up in the next paragraph. 


Okay, so you're back. Wasn't that impressive? In their above-the-fold section alone, you know what they sell, who they serve and how they're different. Think about this simple line: "More than a Store: Chemicals, Equipment, Service & Know How." 

They immediately separate themselves from the retail-only competition with the value-add of additional education to pressure washing professionals. And with pressure washing becoming such a popular side hustle or start-up for young entrepreneurs — they've found a sweet spot with a high ceiling of opportunity. 


Nestle into your niche. It's cliché advice, probably because it works. By using StoryBrand to help you understand exactly what you do, you'll be able to differentiate yourself from competitors.

ICUC storybrand website example

Credit: Mojo Media Labs

Global brands who want to engage their audience on social media know that it takes an extraordinary amount of time and resources. With ICUC, you get social media management experts and tools to help you scale your team and engage with your audience 24/7.

ICUC was stuck in the dangerous “look at how great we are" mentality of messaging that so many have blindly fallen into. But after taking some advice from a StoryBrand Agency, they agreed to test out the StoryBrand Framework on some landing pages for TikTok campaigns. It was a good idea too, and the results they saw proved it. 

Applying the framework allowed them to speak directly to the problem they can solve for their clients. In this case, it's that no normal adult knows anything about how TikTok works. Quite honestly, TikTok probably doesn't even fully understand how TikTok works. Anyway, we digress. 

ICUC is able to help brands leverage this insanely popular, yet mysterious social channel to reach their audience in a relevant way.

A note from the brains behind the StoryBrand implementation, Mojo Media Labs

“The SB Framework is such a useful way to methodically organize your message and create new content for your website. It's like a good recipe, once you learn it you can start getting creative and add your own twist. But you know the end result will be delicious because you're working with a proven recipe. It's really liberating!”


Everyone has problems. But which one do you solve? Be clear about that. Because as soon as people see that you have a solution to a real problem they face, you're a shoo-in. (If you haven't already, see how a Super Bowl commercial executed this perfectly)

Shaquarrius Calloway Events

Shaquarrius Calloway Events storybrand website example

Credit: Flourish Marketing

If you’ve ever planned a wedding or been near anyone planning it for themselves, this company’s website will immediately resonate with you. 

First, it immediately gets down on one knee and uses an aspirational headline to propose a dream wedding to future brides. The universal desire to have the perfect wedding resonates with most, if not all, brides planning their special day (as it should!)

On top of that, they quickly flip the script and use the StoryBrand Framework element of 'failure' to remind brides that planning the perfect wedding is not only hard; it's stressful. They beautifully blend desire and avoidance of pain to create a service that anyone can get on board with. 

But let's explore a bit more. They stack their sections of StoryBrand inspired copy like a beautifully layered cake to draw their audience in. Each piece is perfectly crafted to drive home a different element: 

• Value? 1. Save Time 2. Enjoy Your Engagement 3. Be More Organized

• Stakes? Just the section headline is enough: "DIY = Anxiety" If that doesn't have you thinking twice about planning your own wedding, I'm not sure what will. 

• Process? It couldn't be simpler. All I have to do is schedule a consultation to get started. Super clear and to the point. 

Flourish Marketing, the agency responsible for the work, notes: 

“The StoryBrand Framework will help you book more business because your prospects have a clearer idea of how you benefit their lives. Most websites are all fashion and no function. Pretty pictures won't put dollars in your bank account. By strategically writing words that articulate your value and how you lead your clients to success, you will more effectively grow your business.”


Have you ever heard of someone getting married based solely on a quick pick up line? Probably not. Like a bride, winning your potential customer over takes commitment, dedication and some romance, of course. Your website's homepage is where you have the opportunity to paint a full picture that speaks to all of your customers' concerns and earns you the right to continue pursuing them. The StoryBrand Framework has seven elements for a reason; use them. 

CrossFit Hyannis 

CrossFit Hyannis storybrand website example

Credit: Anchor.Media

Really? CrossFit? It's can't be that hard to build a CrossFit website... or can it?

True, it may not be 'hard' to create a simple CrossFit website, because everyone gets the concept. But therein lies the problem — it's such a saturated business. How does one gym differentiate itself from another? How will you convince people they need to join your gym? 

Well, in the case of CrossFit Hyannis, I’m not just joining a gym. I’m joining a community that’s going to help me reach all my goals. Their entire homepage is ruthless about telling me I have nothing to worry about! They're practically standing at the door waving me in already! If I had any hesitation about going to the gym before, it's all gone by the time I finish scrolling. 

Also, in a classic and well-executed StoryBrand play, they have two calls to action that provide a path for two ideal clients. If I'm ready to work out, "Get Started" quickly lets me get to a class, while "Visiting From Out of Town?" opens up a huge door for traveling athletes to come through. And for a gym in a common vacation spot, that's a lot of revenue. 


Don't just tell people the thing you do, tell them how that thing will change their life. 

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Vonco Medical

Vonco Medical storybrand website example

Credit: Caffeine Marketing

Have you ever been in a conversation where you're wondering if the person talking will just get to the point already? Yea, us too. Fortunately, Vonco Medical wastes no time telling potential customers what they do: offer equipment for athletic training, physical therapy and medical purposes. 

StoryBrand messaging played a big part in that. As Donald Miller, founder of StoryBrand, often says, "If you confuse, you'll lose." Needless to say, Vonco is winning because they make it so easy for website visitors to understand what services they offer and what problems they solve. They address that external problem (needing to outfit your clinic) quickly and clearly, and then move on to the internal problem (it's stressful and complicated) to quickly put your mind at ease. 

But their homepage messaging was just a start. They continued to implement that message into even more of their digital marketing assets, including their value proposition, Google Ads and sales calls. And check out this One-Liner: 

"At Vonco Medical, we know that you’re looking for an easy way to outfit your clinic. We understand that opening a rehab and fitness facility can be chaotic. This is why we make medical equipment selection simple by handling everything for you from planning to installation." 


Clarity comes before anything and everything else. Because at the end of the day, if people don't know exactly what you offer them, they have to reason to do business with you. Be clear. Be clear. Be clear. 

Cutting Edge Catering

Cutting Edge Catering storybrand website example

Credit: Surefaze Design

Cutting Edge Catering had a website with all of the 'bells and whistles,' but it wasn't working. There was very little text and what was written felt scattered and confusing.

So, they took a step back from speaking only about the company and focused on their customers. Take their messaging around weddings for an example. On the wedding page, they shifted to focus on the star of every wedding, the bride. “This is Your Day: We’ll Make Sure the Food is Perfect.” Doesn’t that just make you feel cared for? And take a look at their hero section. It definitely passes the 'grunt test,' that is, a caveman could look at this website and "grunt" what they do right away.

Then moving on to their three-step plan: 1. Get a quick quote. 2. Experience a tasting. 3. Have an unforgettable wedding. Clear and concise, and pointing their customers to a big element of success (an unforgettable wedding!)

Speaking of success, the success section on their wedding page is on point. "Your guests will be raving about your wedding for years to come." That killer headline is followed by some very delicious-looking food, fancy drinks and happy guests. Hats off to them for driving that picture of success all the way home. 

Also, special shoutout to these guys for a one-liner that is not only concise but hits on every fear that the person responsible for hiring a catering service experiences: “Late food and poor catering service ruin events. Cutting Edge Catering provides delicious food and top-notch service that will make your corporate event or wedding a huge success.”

A note from Surefaze Design

“The StoryBrand Framework is a guiding light that will help you AND your customers gain clarity. It can be difficult to talk about your business in a way customers listen. StoryBrand removes that difficulty and makes it easy.” 


StoryBranding each section of your website allows for clear messaging that speaks directly to the unique audience for that service or product.

Best Interview Coaching

Best Interview Coaching storybrand website example

Credit: We Make Stuff Happen (Lindsay Carlson)

These guys are career experts, and it shows. They do a fantastic job of instilling confidence in those without it, perfectly addressing their customer's problem. Immediately after landing on their site, you feel like Best Interview Coaching can get you the job of your dreams and has everything under control. From the H1 to the subheader down to their value stack, I know exactly what I’ll get if I partner with them.

It’s also worth noting that their value stack speaks directly to the frustrations and even fears that job hunters are experiencing. Talk about empathy, amirite? 

  • “What if I say the wrong thing in my interview?” 
  • “I’m not getting any job offers from places I want to work. Are my sights too high?” 
  • “I feel stuck in my career. I’m not going anywhere.” 

Also, we love the simple but effective headline to their testimonial at the bottom of the page, "Got the Job!" It immediately makes me feel more relaxed and hopeful about my job prospects and provides the very best credibility to this company. 


That space above the fold on your website is highly valuable real estate. It's the website visitor's first impression of you and they are only going to give you a few seconds to solve their problem. This hero section tells me exactly what I get out of hiring them and it really makes me want to book a call.


FinOps storybrand website example

Credit: Monica Sood and Write Me Anything

StoryBrand has become incredibly popular in the past years. Because of that, StoryBrand Guides and Agencies are often approached by business owners who struggled to implement StoryBrand themselves. FinOps was one such company. They’d spent an enormous amount of time working on their BrandScript, but struggled to bring it to life on their home page.

Having a third party StoryBrand Certified Guide walk them through their messaging step-by-step forced them to simplify the existing BrandScript and make decisions confidently. 

With a concise BrandScript in place, website development was a sinch. Guided by a crystal-clear BrandScript, they wireframed the website. They also developed a 'super-short' one-liner which is repeated throughout the homepage and across all of his marketing assets: "We systemise and support your finance function."

Now, prospective customers have no doubt about what this business offers and how it will help them.

We gather a few thoughts from monicaInk on the project: 

“Surely you must start with what you need to say! Lots of business owners make the mistake of leaving website copy until last and end up with a site that they introduce with an apology. When used correctly, the SB Framework guarantees a website that you can be proud of.”


Small business owners need to first figure out what to say to their customers before they do anything else. Once you figure out how to talk about your business and the value you offer with clarity and brevity, everything else will fall into place. 

Between Two Gardens Psychiatry

between two gardens example

Credit: Brand Your Practice | Brent Stutzman

As mental health becomes less taboo and shows up more frequently in cultural conversation, people are increasingly searching for counselors and mental health solutions. For practitioners, this growth comes with an increasing challenge to stand out and be clear about the unique value they provide. 

One mental health provider — Between Two Gardens — does a good job utilizing the StoryBrand Framework to clearly identify who they're for and what they do. Starting in the hero section, they state they're a psychiatry practice for women between ages 21 and 50 who deal with anxiety and depression. Through this clarity, site visitors can almost immediately say, "Hey, that's me!" based on the messaging. Instantly, a connection and trust can begin to form.

Just below the hero, they reiterate and expound on the specific challenges they help clients address, from diagnosis like ADHD to more intangible, yet real issues such as "not feeling like yourself".

Throughout the rest of the homepage, the practice continues to clarify who they serve, the results that clients can expect and exactly what happens when they take their first step towards scheduling a call. 


The entire approach to this messaging creates a feeling of empathy with the user. It puts words to what the user may not have been able to identify as their struggle, and gives clear steps on how Between Two Gardens can help overcome that challenge. The empathy and clarity create trust with the viewer, which couldn't be more important when addressing mental health. 

Most importantly, the homepage provides several opportunities for the viewer to identify with the message being communicated. In just a few minutes, someone could say, "That's exactly what I'm struggling with," and feel like they've found a place that "gets them." Then, they're offered clear steps to take action.

The Call to Action

If you came to this page for some inspiration, we hope you're leaving thoroughly inspired and excited. However, Donald Miller would be very disappointed in us if we ended an article about StoryBrand without a clear call to action button. So, if you understand how important clear and compelling communication is within your marketing strategy, reach out to any of the talented StoryBrand Certified Guides listed in the above examples! Or you could even schedule a call with us. As both a Certified StoryBrand Agency and Certified StoryBrand Facilitator, StoryBrand runs deep in our blood. But whatever route you choose, welcome to the StoryBrand community, and happy messaging!

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