3 Ways How To Generate More Leads From Your Website

By Tyler Pigott on October 26, 2016

In this day and age, a website is an essential business tool. Most consider a website a "must have" once the've decided to start a business, but not all companies use their website the same way. Some businesses use their site to sell a product directly (ecommerce site), some use their site to generate leads or phone calls, and others use theirs as an informative tool to list their services and tell about their company. One common thread throughout, is that most companies have high hopes that their site can be leveraged to create GROWTH for their product and/or service they provide. Lets look at some ways how to generate more leads from your website. 

By following these steps you'll be able to take advantage of leveraging your website to be your most powerful sales tool.

Steps to Getting a Site that Sells

1: How is your current site doing with conversion?

You might need to perform a site audit. Is your site designed to convert traffic? Honestly, many companies out there can create beautiful websites that display your product and company in the best light. But...are they developing a site that converts traffic into leads? It may be worth, either, performing an internal site audit with conversion in mind, or spending the money to get a site audit performed by a professional. 

Spending the time and resources to identify the problems and make the necessary changes to correct them, will help you in the long run. Imagine launching a digital ad campaign with the goal of driving traffic to your site, but not being able to effectively capture those new potential leads when that traffic arrives. It seems like a waste of that ad spend, right? You'll always be learning and optimizing, but if you start with a solid base, you will reach your goals even faster.

2. What are your visitors actions when they are on your site?

Where are the visitors to your site scrolling to, or what links or buttons are they clicking on?  When you know where your visitors are or are not clicking, it can help you organize and optimize your site so you can reposition offers, content, forms, etc. into areas that might attract clicks and attention on your site. Try using a heat mapping tool like Hotjar, they are one of my favorite all-in-one analytics and feedback tools. They have some amazing features that will help you understand your web and mobile site visitors. Tools like this aid in identifing the best oportunities and help you optimize your site. Try it, I bet you're be surprised by the results. Insights and analytics on where your website visitors are viewing and clicking gives you strong understand that can be used to really convert more traffic from your website. 

Bonus: Make sure your site is set up correctly with Google Analytics. Know your traffic sources, ie where your visitors are coming from, organic search (they typed in a keyword in a search engine and found you), referral from another site, or they simple typed your url directly into a search bar. Understanding your analytics data will help you eliminate poorly performing traffic sources and focus your marketing efforts towards what is driving the most traffic and converting with the highest percentage.

3. Do your website visitors trust your business? 

When is the last time you made a purchase or gave someone your information without trusting the store or the individual? Likely never. If your website visitors trust your brand and business they are more likely to convert. Use testimonials from other satisfied customers or industry professionals on your site to help build trust from others experiences working with you or purchasing your product. If your business has won any awards or been recognized for something, add that to you site as well. All of these things help visitors feel more comfortable interacting with you. 

By following these simple tips you will generate more leads with your website. Audit your site in its current state, how is it doing today converting visitors? What are your visitors doing when they get to your site? Where did they come from? Lastly, build trust with your visitors so they might be more likely to purchase your goods or service.

There are so many more ways to optimize and generate leads from your website. Check out some of the other resources on the site to get more tips and tricks. If you are interested in using the Inbound Methodology to accelerate your company growth, learn more here.

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Tyler Pigott
Tyler Pigott
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