Should You Hire a Lead Generation Agency?

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Tyler Pigott
Tyler Pigott

09.28.2017 | 3 min read

Deciding what to keep in-house and what to outsource (if anything) is a task that often gets backburner-ed by even the best of new businesses. Every decision you make seems to need extra time and consideration to make it happen, especially when it involves your revenue.

But here you are, reading this post to answer a simple question, should you hire a lead generation agency?

The Facts

The truth is lead generation and marketing are two critical tasks that many businesses seem to wrestle to keep in-house, or worse-- they are simply neglected.

We all know lead generation is a good thing. But what do the statistics tell us about those who have got it down to an art, and those that don’t, really?

Key takeaway? Better lead generation means,

a) More leads

b) Less expensive leads

More leads for fewer dollars with a little bit of expert strategy? Yes, please.

Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing

At first glance, these two seem to be one in the same. However, while content marketing is what’s going to get you more leads, a full-on inbound marketing strategy will be what allows you to nurture them, and eventually convert them into customers and sales.

 Yes, content marketing is powerful, but inbound marketing is more impactful and direct... yet harder to master and do effectively.

 By combining long-term content marketing through social media, with an effective inbound marketing campaign, your lead generation will shoot through the roof!

Practical Reasons to Outsource

The heartbeat, I mean the real passion and drive, of your business, more than likely are not just lead generation or marketing. But lead generation and marketing are going to be what allows you to share your energy with the rest of the world.

Make a list of the things your business naturally excels at, such as “making our product” or “handling customer concerns” or “defining our brand.”

If lead generation and marketing aren’t in your top 3 or 4 things that your business naturally exceeds at, thinking about outsourcing may be a great way to allow you to capitalize on the things that you’re already doing well at.

Running a business is about finding and operating in your strengths, not stretching yourself so thin your strengths get flattened out with the rest of your daily tasks.

 Also, keep in mind that any lead generation agency is running to operate in their strength of lead generation. As we mentioned before, investing in the art of finding more customers for less money is a recipe for return on investment.

Things to Expect from a Lead Generation Agency

There are obvious and benefits from working with a professional lead generation agency. Let’s see the most important ones below:

Increased Visibility

Any lead generation agency will be concerned with understanding and increasing the volume of people who simply become aware that you exist. Using SEO tactics to increase website traffic will likely be at the top of their list. At least 10,000 visitors per month should be the goal, as 70% of companies exceeding their revenue goals are attracting 10,000 visitors a month. Efficient lead generation equals organic ranking in search engine pages. This will allow users to find your website through relevant content that is strategically aligned to increase your sales.

Professional Marketing Automation Tools

Lead generation experts leverage the latest marketing automation tools to offer you smart solutions that are more efficient than any ‘manual’ method can ever be. (tip: we like Hubspot!) Harnessing the power of technology along with establishing a relationship with a lead generation agency will set you up for a win. With powerful tools like automated email sequences, understanding content conversion rates, and SEO you can reach millions easily and cost-effectively.

On-Demand Expertise

Your in-house marketing team might be great, but their expertise cannot match professionals who specialize on lead generation. By partnering with an agency, you effectively gain access to a treasure trove of expertise relevant to generating more sales.

Finding the Right Lead Generation Agency for Your Business

There are hundreds of seemingly identical lead generation agencies, but as usual, the devil is in the details. One size fits all marketing strategies don’t work anymore in today’s digital world, and you need a powerful solution tailor-made to your specific needs to overcome competition and reach out to your customers.

As mentioned, I challenge you to take time to evaluate the things that your business naturally excels at, to help you determine if hiring a lead generation agency is right for you. However, partnering with a lead generation agency is a no-brainer after your company has reached a certain revenue threshold. If you are making more than $83K each month ($1M annually) you just can’t afford to not optimize your inbound marketing.

Our goal is your success. Still have questions about what hiring a lead generation agency can do for your business? Please, contact us at Lone Fir Consulting and we’ll be happy to meet you right where you’re at. And if you’re really ready to supercharge your traffic with powerful lead generation, let's set up a time to connect to find out how proven experts can help your business reach out to millions of eager customers!

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