Yulia Dianova

Marketing Consultant



Yulia is a digital marketing specialist. Her career began with the United Nations, transitioned through various communications positions and ultimately came to focus on serving a diverse set of truly committed clients as an independent Digital Marketing Consultant. She spent more than eight years helping her clients find traction in the noisy and chaotic digital marketing space with her UX-conscious Webdesign, SEO, digital advertising skills. Her expert guidance helped businesses across countless market niches to prosper.

What She'll Talk About at a Party

At a party, Yulia will likely drum up a conversation about your family, pets, places to visit, and funny stories to laugh about. She really likes to listen to other people and make new friends. 

Location + Go-To Spots

Yulia is located in Virginia with easy access to the DC metro area. She loves the combination of the urban lifestyle of DC with its museums, restaurants, galleries, and walking trails, bird-watching spots in the suburbs of Virginia.

yulia in the wild

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