Vanessa Wolfe

Design Team Lead


Vanessa is an Art Director with 13 years of experience in Graphic Design and 2 years of experience in managerial creative positions. Assists in the management of campaigns and leads the visual style for our clients. She loves to make awesome stuff…from brand identity to publications to packaging!

What She'll Talk About at a Party

If you saw her at a party she would probably ask you two questions: 1) Do you like the Giants? 2) Do you like to run? And then proceed to discuss/ask what local trails are the best and where to find the best brewery in town.

Location + Go-To Spots

Vanessa has lived in Chico, California for most of her life and if you come and visit we will go to Upper Crust for the best pastries ever followed by a jaunt in Upper park, her favorite place to play, and then of course to Secret trail for a beer and some live music.

Vanessa in the Wild

Make more things happen

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