Tyler Pigott

CEO | Founder


From building IT and creative teams for a biotech startup to developing and launching a national beverage product, Tyler's background is in creating things that just work.

As CEO of Lone Fir, his favorite task is to cheer on others — whether it’s his employees, fellow agency owners or our clients.

What He'll Talk About at a Party

Tyler can talk to anyone about just about anything, but if you leave the conversation topic up to him, be ready to chat about cycling, running, golf or a fresh business idea. 

Location + Go-To Spots

Tyler lives in a little town called Gig Harbor on the Puget Sound of Washington state. If you came to visit, he'd probably take you to some of his favorite breweries on the water — either 7Seas or The Tides.

During the summers you'll find him on his paddleboard or mountain bike and in the winter he's likely to be skiing at Crystal Mountain. 

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