Kylee Bustamante

Junior Web Developer


A tinkerer at  heart, Kylee's love of problem solving and the satisfaction of completing a challenging project are what get her up in the morning. 

With a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, Kylee specializes in building websites on WordPress and Expression Engine. 

What She'll Talk About at a Party

If you end up in a conversation with Kylee at a party, it may be the last conversation you have there, because she can (and will) talk your ear off if given the opportunity. She'd love to hear about your interests and why they are significant to you, and likely share her interests in climbing, coffee, faith, and pick up sports. If you mention the tv shows Lost or Survivor, you guys just became best friends!

Location + Go-To Spots

Kylee has lived in Northern California her whole life, and has lived in Chico since starting college in 2015. Some of her favorite Chico things are coffee chats at Daycamp, breakfast at Cafe Coda, Spikeball at Degarmo Park and stargazing at Upper Park's outdoor observatory. (Fun Fact: The observatory is where her husband proposed!)

kylee in the world

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