Hey! I'm Kerry...

lone-fir-creative-kerry-3 Kerry DeVito

Lead Graphic Designer 

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Born and raised New Englander, Kerry is the team’s sole East Coaster (for now). Her passion for design stems from a love of storytelling and is a big-time bookworm. Name a used bookstore and she’s likely been there.

Kerry strives to empower brands by helping them reach their full potential through authentic and impactful design. She is constantly exploring typography, hand-lettering, color theory, and photography to stay current and evolve simultaneously. Having worked with non-profits, startups, and entrepreneurs, she’s found that all humans have a unique voice and the same desire to tell their story.

She lives in central Massachusetts with her husband, dog, and three cats, and if it came down to it, she’d pack them up and move to Italy in a heartbeat.


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