Connor Shears

MarTech Strategist


Conner is an experienced marketing professional with expertise in HubSpot, SEO, and Inbound Marketing. He has broad marketing experience in an array of industries such as financial services and senior living. Conner enjoys using his creativity to strategize, problem solve, or maybe even a little bit of design when he has the opportunity to help.

What He’ll Talk About at a Party
If you run into Conner at a party, you'll hear about all things football, basketball, or hockey, including but not limited to fantasy sports. Conner also has two cats that love to sleep and eat all day, and he will probably show you some photos of them!

Location + Go-to Spots
Conner is located in Colorado, where he enjoys rafting, fishing, skiing, and hiking. He can give you good recommendations on where to do your favorite outdoor activities, but most importantly, he will tell you all the best food spots!

Conner in the Wild

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