Ashley Lesperance

Sales Manager


Ashley is a Sales Manager with 5 years of experience in the sales and marketing field. Her primary goal: helping others succeed. She spent 10 years in the nonprofit sector helping businesses improve their development plans, expand their relationships and increase their impact. Now she helps businesses align their sales and marketing roles so they can realize tangible ROIs and grow their organization.

What She'll Talk About at a Party

If you see Ashley at a party, she's probably walking over to introduce herself. She wants to know your name, likes and dislikes and, of course, which Hogwarts house you're in. She can spend hours talking about her love for sunshine and warm weather, the best restaurants to get a great cocktail, her cat, Batman, and her upcoming travel plans. By the end of the night, she'll probably be your new best friend.

Location + Go-To Spots

Ashley lives in Boston, Massachusetts. If you went for a visit, she’d take you to her three favorite restaurants on the water (Pier 6, Reel House, and The Tall Ship) for oysters, a cocktail and best of all…a free boat ride between the eateries that showcase her favorite view of the city.

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