Amanda Kaschmitter

Marketing Consultant


Amanda has a long history creating impactful client relationships and managing both small and large projects. She has a bachelors in Business Marketing and experience in management, production and consultant roles. She always strives to do the right thing and is an instrumental part of our team and client success.

What She'll Talk About at a Party

At a party, just look for the phone playing music and you'll find Amanda changing it to old country or bluegrass; which she's heard is universally loved by all. Nothing like a song from the 1950's to get a party started. Topics of discussion include what music or artist you're listening to, what shows you are planning on attending, or the latest true crime documentary. She is always down to swap a good soup recipe or fawn over pictures of your pets.

Location + Go-To Spots

If you visit Amanda in Chico, California she'll have the whole day planned out, mostly revolving around food. She would take you downtown for locally roasted coffee in a cute mug at Stoble, a (mild) hike in Upper Bidwell Park, then back downtown for THE best fish tacos at The Banshee. The rest of the day will be spent looking at weird shops and sipping cocktails at Argus.

Amanda K in the Wild

Make more things happen

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