Sales Funnels

How do people go from having no idea you exist to wondering how they ever lived without your help? It's called a sales funnel — and when done well — it can turn complete strangers into lifelong customers.

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Turn Complete Strangers Into Loyal Customers

Offer Value

Leads won't give you their contact information if you don't offer them something they want. To create an irresistible lead magnet, we'll work together to determine what your audience gets excited about.

Connect the Dots

A good lead magnet gets contact information. But an epic lead magnet gets the contact information you want and sets you up perfectly to move toward a sale. We do the latter.

Automate It

Don't let leads fall through the cracks by depending on manual follow-ups. We'll automate your emails to start nurturing leads the moment they provide their email.


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Don't miss out on warm leads.

How We Do It

The Process

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Create a Lead Magnet

Whether it's from scratch or drawing from past content, we'll write and design a lead magnet that your audience won't be able to pass up.

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Build a Landing Page & CTA

We'll write and design a landing page built to convert. Plus, we'll craft a call-to-action you can use in key areas of your website or emails.

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Follow Up With a Nurture Sequence

Once you have your leads, it’s time to build a relationship with them. We’ll write emails that address their problem, overcome objections and ultimately move them towards a purchase.

You Don’t Have to Choose Us, But Here’s Why You Should

Though we have all the “right certifications,” we believe those alone are not what set us apart. The real confidence that we know we’re on to something comes from the work we've done with clients who rave about the results. 

“Since 2016 LFC has guided us in identifying who our main customers are, developing strategies around them and educating us on sales and marketing. They are our go-to in all things digital marketing." 

Karla Shaw

Marketing Director | WEATHERLY INN

“The Lone Fir team is AWESOME! The Lone Fir team also understands and applies the StoryBrand framework with ease and an added bonus is that they know and work within HubSpot!”

Jennifer Pasquier

Sr. Marketing Manager | POPULUS GROUP

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The Badges We Wear Proudly

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StoryBrand Certified Agency

Messaging + Structure

Business is a story. Your customer is the hero, and your brand is the guide that helps them succeed. This is the essence of the StoryBrand Framework. It’s how we approach everything we do because it’s a proven method that works.


HubSpot Platinum Partner

Strategy + Technical

If you win in digital marketing, you’re likely using HubSpot. That’s why we put so much value into mastering HubSpot through a robust certification tool belt.

Our Promise to You

We set you up for success using proven principles of lead nurturing. 

  • Understand Your Goals

    Effective sales funnels always begin with the end in mind. We'll meet with you to understand the results you're looking for and collaborate on a lead magnet to get you there.

  • Penned to Sell

    Writing compelling copy that offers value and gets leads to purchase is an art. We curate copy that speaks directly to your audience's problem and positions your solution as the answer they've been looking for.

  • Always Learning

    You're the expert in your industry, and we want to make sure we're always learning from you. We'll schedule interviews with key knowledge-holders so we can take ownership of your vision and accurately represent your brand.

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