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Email Marketing Program for 2010 Labs

Thank you for enabling us to provide this marketing proposal for you. We've learned a great deal about your needs and objectives and are confident we can help you achieve those goals! 

The primary objective of this program is to help increase the productivity of your marketing and sales teams by being an extension.  

Ultimately, Lone Fir hopes to become a trusted partner and an extension of the 2010 Labs team, operating as marketing infrastructure in a variety of perspectives to help the team achieve its overall business objectives.

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Customer "Onboarding" Email Campaign

Email Nurturing Campaign: Once you've converted a browser into a buyer, you now have to deliver on your promise. We all know Simple Pre Workout works, but what if I am confused on how to add to my daily routine? How to use the formula A, B, C, D?

You should create an automated email sequence that onramps that customer with your product. Hold their hand in the first 1-2 months to enable maximum opportunities of keeping that customer for the long term.

We'll create a series of 8-10 emails that will walk the customers through their first 30-45 days of using the product with an effective cross-sale/upsell so that this nurturing campaign turns into a 24/7 sales force. 

The goal is an educated customer that is receiving the maximum benefits of Simply Pre Workout and a long term evangelist! 



  • Up to 10 emails to be included in automated campaign.
  • Layout of emails in automation software and connect to buying triggers. 

Software Setup & Configuration (software TBD) - Lone Fir will setup and configure your new email automation software as well as configure triggers from customer engagement. 

  • Some suggested platforms we recommend and have used: HubSpot, MailChimp, Drip, Klaviyo (your software platform depends on your goals long term, happy to advise you for what is best)  

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We are recommending this short email onboarding campaign to start that allows us to build the foundation and once created we can strategize of how we'd add fuel to it.

Once the project has completed we can both evaluate and see how it's going and strategize for the months to come. 

Service Price
Email Campaigns  $4,500.00
Software Setup $1,000.00
Project Total $5,500.00

Payment terms: 50% upfront, 50% upon completion.

Email Automation Software

The above programs success requires having a subscription with an email marketing automation platform, this is essential in the success of the above. Below is a ballpark range of options from a pricing perspective. 

Software Price
Email Marketing Automation $50-$800 / month


Timeline & Schedule

This is a 30-day project from start to finish. 


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Next Steps

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