Get Your Messaging Right. Get Your Team Right.

A private messaging workshop with our team will get your team perfectly aligned with a message that's clear and compelling.

We Get It Right So You Get It Right. You Get It, Right?

Learn From Field Experts

Our team will lead every part of the Workshop to ensure you get the most out of the time together with your team and walk away with the results you came for.

Get Buy-In From Your Team

By having your key stakeholders involved in such a fundamental part of your company vision, they will take personal ownership of the direction and champion it to everyone else in the company.

Have Clear Direction

After you leave the StoryBrand Workshop, you'll experience the impact a clear, simple and effective message can have on your business. Your team will all be moving in the same direction with efficiency, focus and passion.

Start the Conversation

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Is Your Team on the Same Page?

If everyone on your team is not communicating the exact same thing about your business, there is no doubt you are losing customers. 

In a single StoryBrand Workshop, our team will help you create a message that everyone can use to effectively talk about your business. In less than two days, you'll have a like-minded team empowered with a compelling message to share with customers. 

Select Your Workshop

Choose between 1-day and 1.5-day workshops.

1-day Workshop

We'll walk through the StoryBrand Framework with your team and then help you build your company BrandScript. We'll end the day with recommendations on how to apply your new BrandScript to your website, product, service or marketing plan.

1.5-day Workshop

Everything that's included in our 1-day workshop plus we'll wireframe your homepage, make suggestions for copy, brainstorm lead generator ideas and outline an email nurture sequence.

From tech startups and consumer brands to higher education and healthcare, we have written clear and compelling messages for over 100 different brands.

The folks at Lone Fir Creative are magicians with words and went beyond copy to communicate our true business value to our customers. They helped us align all our messaging so our sales team and our website communicated the same thing and I'm so thankful to have crystal clear messaging representing our entire brand.
Todd Earwood
Founder + CEO

StoryBrand Certified

The Badges We Wear Proudly

Business is a story. Your customer is the hero, and your brand is the guide that helps them succeed. This is the essence of the StoryBrand Framework. Being a StoryBrand Certified Agency means we’re trusted experts in creating clear, customer-focused messaging that helps you grow your business.