Increase Revenue Using Inbound Sales

The buying process has changed.

No longer is the buyer dependent on the sales person to provide the necessary information to help make a decision. It's time to seperate yourself from your competitors and have a competitive advantage, get rid of your out of date sales tactics and replace them with inbound sales. Transform your sales process to match the way buyers make decisions today. Start focusing on individual buyers and their needs, challenges, and goals.

Here are several ways how we help clients move their sales and marketing teams to commonality and build systems for success:



Organize is all about your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software - include activities such as:

  • Understand CRM usage, initial migration of data
  • Lead scoring
  • Deal stage configuration
  • Task management
  • Calling and emailing
  • Introduction to templates and sequences
  • Client email nurturing and campaigns 
  • Custom Reporting 
  • Training staff on best practices for the new or optimized CRM


What do your sales people have today? How can we use it better? - We talk about this as Sales Enablement, setting up the right tools for your salespeople to be more efficient and productive. Pair this with better CRM efficiency for success! 

  • Current supporting content audit 
  • Email template creation and optimization
  • Client email nurturing and campaigns
  • Case studies and white paper creation
  • Sales document library 
  • Messaging Apps
  • Prospecting Automation 


This is where is all happen. Sales and marketing alignment - Once you've sales and marketing teams are have an agreement of how to work together your business can start to really grow. 

  • Prospect profiles and persona development
  • Develop supporting content plan
  • Define MQLs/SQLs
  • Establish feedback loop from sales to marketing and vice versa. 
  • SLA and reporting 
  • Training sales and marketing teams on use and alignment best practices 


The bottom line: When you're sales and marketing teams are close more deals. Period. 

By moving through the above steps, you enable your sales teams to align with marketing departments and more effectively move buyers through the decisioning making process. It is a customer-centric, strategic approach to improving and updating the your technology, your processes, and content to empower your sales reps for better performance and efficiency.


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