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Is your website designed to attract and convert potential clients?

People are using social media and Google to gather information and answer questions like never before. What they see online is what they base their opinions of your business on. Don’t take that lightly. Creating a great first impression is the most important part of your business. You may not get a second chance.

Smart companies position their websites as an educational resource for potential clients. Beyond simply getting found by potential customers, they convert those visitors to leads with relevant, valuable content and then nurture those leads to the point of sale using intelligent marketing automation. The success of your business rides on the impression you make and your websites ability to accurately convey your message. Does your website do that?

Here are some signs your website may need to be redesigned:



It isn’t optimized for mobile - People rely on multiple devices when searching online. This means that a significant portion of your website’s traffic is searching from a mobile device. If your website isn’t set up to work on these devices, you’re ignoring, and losing, a lot of potential customers.



It isn’t generating leads - If your site isn’t helping you convert visitors into leads, then you’re probably losing a lot of opportunities. Your website is the first impression you’ll make, but if it’s simply a pretty face without a mechanism to interact with potential customers, you’re cutting your business short.



It isn’t easy to use - Visitors to your website need to find the information their needing quickly and easily. If they can’t use simple navigation with as few clicks as possible, there’s a problem with your website. If visitors have to search through numerous pages, they’re likely to become frustrated which is counterproductive to your business.



It looks outdated - Not much else to say here other than you need to update your site to keep current with styles, functions and what people expect today when browsing the web. 

The bottom line: If your website isn’t helping your business, then it’s not working. If it isn’t attracting the right people, at the right time, and it’s not converting potential customers into leads and then sales, and if it’s not current and easy to use, then it’s probably time to redesign your website.

If your site isn’t helping you convert visitors into leads, then you’re probably losing a lot of opportunities. Your website is the first impression you’ll make, but if it’s simply a pretty face without a mechanism to interact with potential customers, you’re cutting your business short.


Your website needs redesigned. Now what?

Converting visitors into potential customers from your website takes a lot more than fancy graphics and features. We build our sites on HubSpot’s COS or the WordPress platforms 100% of the time for faster performance, security, search engine optimization (SEO), and amazing support. We design and develop websites because we are accountable for delivering results to businesses, and the risk of taking on that responsibility, but not being in control of the primary digital channel is too high.

We design and develop websites that are persona-driven and conversion-driven, which means:

  • They need to pass the blink test. After all, humans are impatient.
  • They need to align to how we browse websites, which right now, means mobile first.
  • They need a conversion strategy for every stage of the buying journey, not just for those ready to purchase.
  • They need to be optimized for humans, not crawlers. Having said that, ensuring pages are found and catalogued by search engines is still a key factor.

We create websites that can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year as your most effective sales and marketing resource. We’re not looking to drop a website on you that contains all of the latest website trends that you will need to replace in two years, but rather one that delivers consistent, reliable success.

Our Process

web development process

The website design process can get messy quickly, so it’s important that we set clear expectations at the beginning of the process and that you work with an experienced team to achieve and stay on track with your goals. Every development team has their own process, but you can expect ours to flow like this:

  • Open the Conversation - Before we even start working together we will discuss your website redesign goals and be sure that we have a clear understanding of your organization’s objectives and goals. We will clearly define the scope of your website design project and outline the “must-haves” for your project.
  • Comprehensive Website Analysis - From the very beginning you will be working with a team of experts that has experience building websites of all sizes and complexities. We’ll analyze your website by conducting a quantitative and qualitative research from HubSpot and Google Analytics. With our analytics in hand, we’ll brainstorm a plan for the redesign, set goals, and outline how we’ll help you achieve them. Included in our strategy phase is the following:
  1. Website & Analytics Audit – We will gain an understanding of your existing website’s assets and areas for improvement. We’ll run through a checklist to identify SEO concerns and other areas that will be vital to the journey of your user.
  2. Persona Research & Development – We’ll develop a strong understanding of the things that are important to your potential customers by researching your target audience and creating buyer personas.
  3. Fundamental Assumptions – We’ll brainstorm a few assumptions regarding how your potential customers engage with your website and brand and what issues they may be having. We’ll ensure that we are creating the best user experience possible when redesigning your website.
  4. Brand Identity & Messaging – We’ll create a clear brand message that will help build trust with your potential customers and let them know they’re in the right place to have their problems solved. We’ll work with you to be sure that message supports your vision for your brand.
  • Bring Your Design to Life - Our team’s graphic designer will turn these insights into mockups for your approval. Once we obtain your approval, our web developer will craft your website using our custom-built internal framework. Our framework was designed for quick load times, mobile responsiveness, cross browser compatibility, and improved efficiency during development. Included in the building phase is the following:
  1. Site Design – Mockups of your website that aligns us on the design elements that will improve your potential customer’s journey and conversions.
  2. Content Creation – Your website will only be successful if it has remarkable content. Our team will work with you to create persuasive copy to guide your potential customers on the website, making sure to steer them toward conversion points along their journey.
  3. Quality Assurance – Your website will launch without any bugs. Our quality assurance testing includes cross-browser testing and mobile device testing to ensure your potential customers have a flawless experience.
  4. Post Launch Support – Rest assured we are only an email or phone call away. We don’t anticipate your website having any problems, but if it does, we support all our sites post launch to ensure a seamless transition to your team.
  • Continuous Improvement - Websites are never “finished”. They must continuously change to meet the ever-evolving needs, trends, and habits of your potential customers. Utilizing a continuous improvement cycle, we update your website based on real user data, so it never becomes outdated and stale. Our continuous improvement cycle uses the following:
  1. Plan – By reviewing real user data from your new website, we’ll make updates to improve the journey of your potential customers to improve their experience even more.
  2. Build – Your team will be able to add the planned updates to your new website and once these updates have been made, you’ll see the efficacy of the updates and how they are impacting your potential customers experiences.
  3. Learn – Once updates have been implemented, we’ll start gathering data again. This information gives insight into what helps your potential customers make more educated decisions, leading to more conversions.
  4. Transfer – Transferring the data we uncover from the cycle and documenting that data is critical to the cycle of constantly improving your website. We don’t want to repeat any activity that isn’t beneficial to your customers and business.

Your Newly Design Website

  • User Experience - Give your potential customers what they want. Your newly designed website will show them the right content at the right time. This will increase conversion rates and quality leads.
  • Conversion & Lead Generation - Your new website will guide potential customers through their journey and convert them into leads and sales with strategically placed calls to action.
  • Speed - Fast load times are critical to a great user experience. This ensures that your potential customers can get the information they are seeking in a timely manner and improves the overall SEO of your newly designed website.
  • Search Engines - Your newly designed website will rank higher and get found in search engines via extensive off-page and on-page optimization.
  • Multi-Device and Cross-Browser Functionality - Your new website will deliver a consistent experience for your potential customers across all browsers and mobile devices. This ensures that our strategic designs will perform reliably no matter what device or browser your potential customer is visiting your site from.
  • Security - Offering your potential customers a secure experience is essential to building their trust. By enabling an SSL on your new website, you will show users that their information is safe, giving them comfort when converting. You’ll also gain a small boost to SEO.

How Do I Get Started?

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