MedicareSchool.com has a clear vision to become the go-to educator and all-around resource for all things Medicare enrollment. By making complex information simple, they make learning about Medicare easy, and some might even say — fun.

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The Challenge

Within the first few conversations we had with MedicareSchool.com, it became pretty clear they were on a mission to change the way Medicare education was done. The problem, though, was that they didn’t have a place for their brand to live online. Because of that, they also had never really developed their branding. 

Without clear messaging or a brand identity nailed down, they felt like their personality was not reflected in their marketing. The energy and passion they bring to Medicare education is a huge part of what makes MedicareSchool.com unique, and they wanted to make that clear.

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The Solution

Early on, they wanted the works — brand messaging, logos, website design and development — all of it. So that’s what we did, and it all began with laying a solid foundation through the StoryBrand Framework.

We tailored their messaging to capture their easy-going and direct tone while clearly communicating their difference maker — a philosophy that prioritizes education and guidance.

medicareschool branding


First and foremost, we tailored brand messaging to capture their easy-going and simple tone while clearly communicating their difference maker — a philosophy that prioritizes education and guidance. 

Meanwhile, our designers chiseled out a brand identity to display the light-hearted and simple approach that MedicareSchool.com takes.  

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Web Design + Development 

To bring it all together online, we mapped out a full website from scratch that would make it seamless to position MedicareSchool.com’s online teaching workshops front and center. And to cater to an audience that may not spend much time on modern websites, we created a layout focused on effortless navigation and easy-to-use tools. 

After nailing the look and feel, we moved right into development. Using HubSpot to bring the site to life, we were able to give MedicareSchool.com the flexibility they needed to easily capture data, track CTAs and analyze customer behavior.

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Print Mailers 

In the digital world, just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come. Once we created an effective online home for MedicareSchool.com, we needed to get the word out and drive traffic to their online workshops. 

Staying in line with their already proven methods, we wrote and designed print mailers that would be sent to individuals approaching their Medicare enrollment date. Knowing that advertisements via snail mail usually get lost in the shuffle, we used dynamic copy and eccentric concepts to stand out.

And since they were already docked on HubSpot, we were able to set up each mailer for individual performance tracking.

“Working with MedicareSchool.com was an adventure — in the best way possible. Getting to help clients who are zealous and passionate about their vision is always refreshing, especially when we get to help build out their brand and digital presence from the ground up. Seeing our team deliver the complete package — from writing brand messaging to seeing an entire website go live  — is one of the most fun and rewarding things we get to do.”

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Director of Content | Lone Fir Creative

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