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Ally Fallon, created Find Your Voice as a way to share lessons learned on her journey to becoming a bestselling author. Find Your Voice is an online community and writing resource that helps individuals fully devote themselves to the craft of writing and makes the process more fulfilling. Whether someone is an aspiring writer who’s struggling to finish a book, looking to create a successful blog, or simply write for the sake of reflection and personal growth, FYV provides them with the personal guidance and practical tools they need to put words on the page (or screen).

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The Challenge

Find Your Voice has an incredible collection of resources to help unmotivated writers find the right words and share their stories. But they were struggling to clearly communicate with their different audiences. Their website had nice elements but their brand message was muddled and the user experience had lost the plot. It simply wasn’t generating enough conversions. They had tried some email marketing but readers weren’t seeing the results they’d hoped for.

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The Solution

Ally is a staunch believer in the Storybrand approach to brand messaging. In fact, she helped Donald Miller write his book Building a Storybrand. So she intentionally sought out a Storybrand agency to help clarify Find Your Voice’s messaging. We began by running a messaging workshop with Ally and her team. This allowed us to create a new BrandScript that clarified her content and set the scene for future strategic projects. 

Understanding that the holiday season is a time where people are looking to not only take advantage of amazing deals but also set their new year up for success, we rolled out two promotions. A Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign focused on the aspiring author audience and another geared towards helping writers kick 2021 off on the right foot.

Seizing on an opportunity to help writers during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, our team developed an email marketing campaign for Find Your Voice’s Prepare to Publish writing course. Then, right before the holidays, we rolled out a special promotion for her new book, The Power of Writing It Down.

Bragging Rights

What Find Your Voice Has to Say

“Working with everyone at Lone Fir Creative has been such a positive experience. They helped us nail down our messaging in weeks, something we’d been trying to do for years. From clarifying our brand messaging, to running successful campaigns, they’ve helped Find Your Voice grow so much over the past few months. I’m thrilled for their team to be an integral part of our planning and marketing for 2021!”



The Results

All told, the Black Friday email campaign led to Find Your Voice selling 38 of the Prepare to Publish courses. Each course cost $250 each, which means our efforts produced a $10,000 profit for Ally. Our promotion for The Power of Writing It Down produced 730 widget impressions, providing Find Your Voice with many new promising leads for future campaigns.

“We were so excited when Ally reached out to us to help refine her messaging. She and her team were already very familiar with the Storybrand framework before they started working with us, so it started our work together on a great foot. Her example shows that even if you are well versed in Storybrand, it helps to have an outside partner help bring it to life for you.”

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