Daystar is a managed IT services company based out of New Hampshire. 

"Technology should help your business grow, not slow it down and create risk. At Daystar, we proactively manage your technology to create a hassle-free workspace, achieve your business goals and keep your data safe."

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The Challenge

Daystar needed a new website that reflected their innovative and unique managed IT services. Their site at the time lacked a clear path to conversion and didn't readily address the problems their potential customers were facing.

Their refreshed site would also need a  unified brand experience. Daystar’s color palette didn't match their brand and didn’t leave the right imprint on visitors. Worse, their calls to action (CTAs) blended in, were easily overlooked and lacked clarity.

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The Solution

The first step was to dig into Daystar’s core brand messaging. We ran a messaging workshop with Daystar to clearly define their audience, the problems they solve, and why they’re the right team for the job.  After developing tailored brand messaging that spoke to Daystar’s unique offering, we started on the website. 

We started with research to gain insight on their competitors and analyzed their current site to understand their performance  and set a baseline for improvement. 

Then we got to work redesigning their website, starting with the homepage. We brought cohesiveness to their color palette, simplified their navigation and made their CTAs clear and actionable.

Daystar - Before
daystar - home after -c
Bragging Rights

What Our Client Has to Say

A long-term, strategic partner.

"Lone Fir Creative coupled the Storybrand method with growth driven design and Hubspot's platform to completely overhaul our website and update our branding. Our new site has earned great feedback from prospects, clients, and other marketing professionals. We consider Lone Fir a long-term, strategic partner. They provide expert guidance in everything related to Hubspot, inbound marketing, and strategic content creation. We have learned a lot from the them and our marketing efforts are more informed and effective with their guidance. An added bonus — they are great people and really fun to work with!"

ABrownSWeb Anne Brown

Director of Communications | Daystar

It has been incredibly exciting to watch how fresh messaging and an updated site can have such a positive impact on Daystar's sales conversations with prospects. It's been a ton of fun to work together and has been rewarding for our whole team.

ashlee-c Ashlee Rolkowski

Marketing Consultant | Lone Fir Creative

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